Zycus Procurement Software Suite
Zycus Procurement Software Suite
Zycus Procurement Software Suite
Zycus Procurement Software Suite
Zycus Procurement Software Suite
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Zycus Procurement Software Suite

Sold by : Zycus


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About Zycus Procurement Software Suite

What is the Zycus Procurement Software Suite?

Zycus Procurement Software Suite is a software designed for managing goods acquisition for logistic operations. It offers innovative procurement solutions for companies. The software uses AI to guide users towards the best purchase routes. The software provides a platform where suppliers can find a marketplace for the goods of their preference and directs them towards the best-value purchasing decisions.
Zycus Procurement Software Suite lists products for procurements in an organized manner for quick pick up. Plus, the software generates purchase documents for procurement automatically on the selection of goods. Zycus procurement software is consistently superior in terms of functionality and user experience. 

Features Offered by Zycus Procurement Software Suite

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Zycus Procurement Software Suite: 

  1. A detailed listing of offerings 
  2. Strong suite-wide analytics
  3. Technology integration
  4. Ease of use and user adoption 
  5. Customer-centered responsive system 
  6. The sustained long term partnership
  7. Expense analysis
  8. Requisition Processing 
  9. eSourcing 
  10. Catalog management

Benefits of Zycus Procurement Software Suite

Zycus Procurement Software Suite offers a lot of benefits for logistic companies, here are a few listed below: 

  1.  The software offers an Amazon-like interface for ease in guided buying. 
  2. Zycus uses a patented AI-oriented listing module to assist users in finding items for their requirements. 
  3. Zycus procurement solution uses no programming workflow to ensure the conditional approval process.
  4. The procurement software offers a centralized and scalable subscription-based platform to supervise any kind of high-volume transaction. 

What is the price of the Zycus Procurement Software Suite? 

Pricing of Zycus Procurement Software Suite varies based on customer requirements. Please request a call to know more. 

Sold By : Zycus

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Zycus Procurement Software Suite Features

The software is supported by GPS (Guided Procurement system) for users to select the right category. 
Users can maintain an end-to-end lifecycle of their inventory and catalog it properly. It includes approval, updating, changing summary of the catalog, etc. 
The software allows companies to track their procurement related expenses intelligently.
 The online sourcing module automates several workflows considerably and accelerates the procurement process for suppliers.
 This feature allows users to plan and manage all the workflows under category management, sourcing, supplying, and generating new service level agreements. 
The contact management feature of Zycus procurement solution simplifies the complex contractual process involved in dealing with numerous suppliers for delivery. It solves the compliance issue. 
The software generates purchase order documents instantly on the selection of goods from supplier. 
The software offers automated GST compliant invoicing features for online procurement.
Zycus Procurement Software Suite offers an online portal of suppliers that provide goods
Zycus Procurement Software Suite empowers organizations to perform cost analysis of their entire operations and create detailed financial documents like balance sheet. 
The procurement solution has an in-built payment gateway that allows users to pay and get paid from suppliers instantly. It also offers attractive discounts for users to work through. 
It centralizes invoice generation and advanced shipment notifications from multiple sources. 
 When users are dealing with numerous suppliers there can be some invoice mismatches. To avoid this, Zycus Procurement Software Suite checks for duplication or missing in invoices. 

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Zycus Procurement Software Suite Specifications

Zycus Procurement Software Suite Reviews

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mitesh Tiwari

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they provide great service



Sep 25 2017

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Zycus Procurement Software Suite FAQs

Zycus Procurement Software Suite is a web-based software that is accessed through a web browser.
Techjockey provides a demo for software before purchase. Please request a call to avail it.
Once the purchase process is complete, users are provided with walkthrough documents and how-to videos to get started.
No, Zycus Procurement Software Suite is not available for smartphones.
Zycus Procurement Software Suite uses cloud-based storage system.

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