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About Zoom Rooms

What is Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms is an innovative best video conferencing software that enables companies to work from remote locations seamlessly. It is also used by freelance workers for communication with their employers. It is a widely used solution by companies to hold meetings online. The software enables users to enlist the contact information of all the users in the system for instant communication through various channels such as text messaging, video calls and emails. Participants can join the video conference instantly with a “joining link”. Participants have to click on the joining link, and they will be directed to the software directly. 

Zoom Rooms is an extremely user-friendly solution. Zoom Rooms provides user monitoring features that allow them to audit user behavior and improve user engagement in real-time. 

Why use Zoom Rooms over other video conferencing solutions? 

Zoom Rooms is one of the most widely recommended online conferencing software for companies that need to connect frequently with an increasing number of clients and customers online. It is specifically designed for organizations that deal with clients & employees in distant locations. Its one-tap access design enables individuals, teams, and even organizations to access video conferences from a meeting room so that employees can connect from anywhere. 

What can Zoom Rooms do for me?

Zoom Rooms expands the video communication system to meeting spaces. When properly installed, the meeting spaces are enhanced with video and audio for interaction with teams and businesses in remote locations. It assists in the improvement of business relationships, reduction in travel costs, and recording all the interaction for future access. The software allows up to 12 active whiteboards for users to communicate with each other efficiently. Users can assess their room-type easily and manage its deployment instantly. Zoom Rooms offers efficient deployments for Focus rooms, huddle rooms, conference rooms, and training rooms. 

What is the price of Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms is available in two plans, these are: 

  1. Zoom Rooms – Rs. 3430/- per month 
  2. Room Connector – Rs. 3430/- per month 

Sold By : Zoom Video

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Zoom Rooms Features

Zoom Rooms is a widely used messaging collaboration software that enables users with centralised access to manage the live conference. 
This live conferencing collaboration solution allows users to collaborate with other employees. 
Zoom Rooms enables users to utilize digital signage for managing different departments and communications across the workplace.
Companies can schedule their live conferences by pre-consulting with all the participants and informing them through text or emailing. 
Zoom Rooms enables companies to integrate this live conference solution with other office APIs for smoother operation.
Users can share the information on their device through live screen sharing option.
 Zoom Rooms allow users to improve their productivity by cutting costs and achieving higher engagement rates of the employee on live conference. 
Every live conference conducted on Zoom Rooms offers 12 active digital whiteboards for users to expound their ideas clearly. 
This live conferencing solution offers real-time monitoring features to check and improve employee engagement. 
The dashboard of Zoom Rooms provides detailed information about the live meetings and allows users to access the meetings for the review and analysis. 

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Zoom Rooms FAQs

A. Yes, you can use Zoom through different PCs. You only have to remember your login details for it.
A. Yes, Zoom Rooms can be integrated with web portals users can conduct their meetings from the web portal as well.
A. Zoom Rooms does not provide hardware equipment for live conferencing.
A. Please request a call for inquiries regarding the live conferencing equipment. Our sales personnel will provide you suggestion based on compatibility with Zoom Rooms and your requirements.
A. Techjockey provides demo for Zoom Rooms. Please request a call for scheduling the demo.

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