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Zoho Analytics

by : Zoho by Target Integration

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zoho analytics
zoho analytics
zoho analytics
zoho analytics

Zoho Analytics

by : Zoho By Target Integration

Starting Price ₹12390/Month Inclusive of all taxes
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Brand: Zoho By Target Integration

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Zoho Analytics Software Overview

What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is an advanced report creator and business intelligence software is used for analyzing business data, hidden insights and market trends to make quick growth-oriented business decisions. All information uploaded within Zoho Analytics is organized as logical entities and workspaces based on which admins can create intuitive dashboards and reports.

Further data analysts too use the software for blending relevant data from different sources for creating detailed reports and data visualizations. There is also inbuilt a range of widgets, charts and pivot tables as well. The platform's spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy for users previously working on a spreadsheet to continue with their job with ease.

How is the formula engine offered by Zoho Analytics helpful for the user’s enterprises?

The formula engine offered by the software is capable of performing detailed calculations of complex data to help companies derive business-specific metrics. You can use this function to prepare tables, batch data and apply SQL queries for all key analytical requirements.

Pricing of Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics has the following plans and pricing available:

  1. PROFESSIONAL(On-Premise): The plan is available at a price of Rs. 21,600 for one person on a yearly basis.
  2. BASIC: The plan is available at a price of Rs.10,500 for one person per year.
  3. STANDARD: The plan is available for Rs. 21,000 for one person per year.
  4. PREMIUM: The plan is available for Rs. 48,000 for one person per year.
  5. ENTERPRISE: The plan is available for Rs.1,83,000 for one person per year.

In case you are interested to know more about the software, send us a callback request. Customer care executives from Techjockey will get back to you in real-time.

Platforms Compatible with Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, Mac OS, Ubuntu and Linux OS. There is also available a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.

Benefits of Zoho Analytics

  1. Geo Visualization: Admins can analyze the status of their business based on the detailed geographical data and interactive maps offered by Zoho Analytics. They can easily make comparisons between countries, regions, postal codes, latitudes and longitudes as well as to measure the key business metrics.

  2. Drag and Drop Interface: Zoho Analytics features a drag and drop interface of its own providing users the opportunity to create intuitive dashboards/reports related to performance metrics with ease.

  3. Highly Secure: All uploaded data are protected by Zoho Security along with complete support for backup, confidentiality and privacy.

Zoho Analytics Features

  • Database Management Zoho Analytics can function as an important BI tool through which end users can import data from multiple external sources for
  • CRM Users can easily understand the underlying trends within their organization, by bringing together CRM-based data from leads,
  • Data Recovery By using Zoho Analytics, admins can backup all data tables and SQL queries into dedicated databases. These help with making quick
  • Analytics Derive key metrics for uncovering hidden insights, carrying out in-depth analysis with support from analytical tools offered by
  • Collaboration Develop reports together with your colleagues. Share with each other, for informed business decision making.
  • Support Call on the toll-free support number, request callbacks or send emails using prompt customer support service offered by Zoho
  • Email Management Configure client-related emails, queue them in their right order and monitor content within them, using the multiple email
  • Performance Management Zoho Analytics offers a wide range of reporting tools including KPI widgets, various charts and more to help managers analyze the
  • Live Chat Users can send in their queries via chat to the dedicated support team of Zoho Analytics to get a speedy solution to their
  • API Based Admins can create and monitor multiple business-related analytics using a wide range of API based functions offered by the
  • Dashboard The software offers an intuitive and customizable dashboard to help users organize multiple reports and review the related
  • Reports Pivot tables, tabular views, charts and summary views offered by the software serve the important function of letting businesses
  • Unified Workspace Admins can create logical entities or workspace by doing logical grouping for all data sets given in an entity or table. These
  • Mobile Support Zoho Analytics has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS devices so that users get access to detailed reports for share
  • Feedback Admins can analyze the reports for giving necessary work instructions and feedback to the members of a team regarding their
  • Database The software can be connected with a wide range of Non-SQL and SQL databases including MySQL, Teradata, SQL Server, Oracle and
  • Collaboration
  • Alerts & Notifications The software sends real-time alerts to the admin, notifying them of the changes within vital KPIs and other core metrics at
  • Groups Admins can create groups with multiple members for not just assigning specific permission to each member but also sharing
  • Admin Module Zoho Analytics enables enterprises to have one account administrator who is in charge of the entire system for creating
  • Phone/ Chat Support Zoho Analytics has a dedicated support team that offers 24x7 intuitive support over phone, chat and email.
  • Improve performance The software offers a wide variety of hacks to let end users enhance their performance on multiple stages of the reporting
  • Backup Users can backup data from SQL queries and multiple tables with the help of backup option offered by the software. They can also

Zoho Analytics Plans & Pricing

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Zoho Analytics Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based, Perpetual
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

Zoho Analytics Reviews


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Overall Score
Based on 4 Reviews
Features 3.9/5
Value for Money 4.2/5
Ease of Use 4.1/5
Customer Support 4.4/5
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Value for Money
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Customer Support

“ extremely contended”

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Posted - Sep 26, 2016


Vishal Seth


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“impressive service”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Sep 19, 2016




Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support


Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Aug 20, 2018

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Zoho Analytics FAQ

Q. Q.1. How can I perform ad-hoc exploratory analysis with Zoho Analytics? arrow

A. You can use options like drill-downs, contextual filters and track underlying data to perform ad-hoc analysis with ease.

Q. Q.2. What type of file formats are supported by Zoho Analytics? arrow

A. The software supports multiple file formats like CSV, JSON, TSV, XML and more.

Q. Q.3. Can I get a demo of Zoho Analytics? arrow

A. Yes, TechJockey does offer online demo support for Zoho Analytics. You can request for a demo by mentioning your preferred time and date.

Q. Q.4. What are the system requirements for installing Zoho Analytics? arrow

As a professional, you need to have:

1 RAM: 16GB.

2 Processor: 2GHz Quad-Core processor.

3 Hard Disk: 50GB out of the total space available.

Q. Q.5. Is there a dedicated mobile app for Zoho Analytics? arrow

A. Yes, Zoho Analytics has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.

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