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by : Zenscale

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zenscale ERP
zenscale ERP
zenscale ERP
zenscale ERP

Zenscale ERP

by : Zenscale


Brand: Zenscale

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Zenscale ERP Software Overview

What is Zenscale ERP? 

Zenscale is a cloud-based ERP software for companies predominantly dealing in the manufacturing industry. This manufacturing ERP software facilitates the most cost-effective ways to upscale growth. It provides detailed insights into the manufacturing plant performance and identifies issues that are hampering the growth. It also assesses the performance of every individual employee for a better analysis of their output. 

Who are the targeted users for Zenscale ERP? 

Zenscale ERP is specifically targeted for small to medium enterprises. The ERP software is remarkably developed to offer business-specific modules for manufacturers to optimize their growth without compromising with their prerequisites. 

What features does Zenscale ERP offer? 

Zenscale ERP offers numerous beneficial offers; here are a few listed for better understanding of the software: 

  1. Payroll Management 
  2. Production Planning 
  3. Material Management 
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Cloud-Based Data Backup and Working 
  6. Responsive Interface. 

What is the price of Zenscale ERP? 

Zenscale ERP software price varies based on one major factor, i.e., the number of modules required by the user. These modules are: 

  1. Financial Accounting 
  2. Material Management
  3. Payroll 
  4. Production Planning

Users can buy in any combination they prefer. For more inquiries regarding the modules, features, and pricing, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you at the earliest. 

Zenscale ERP Features

  • Enrollment Zenscale ERP enables companies to monitor the employee enrolment into their organization. 
  • Time & Attendance The software allows organization to integrate Zenscale ERP with attendance recording devices such as biometric machine to track
  • Shift Management Set time-based work shifts for employees and track their attendance and workflows efficiently.
  • Salary Deduction HR teams can use Zenscale ERP to manage various payroll functions such as salary deduction for employees that take unaccounted
  • Loan Management Setup office regulations for availing the loan regulations and provide loans to the employees accordingly. 
  • Project Management Managers are enabled to start new projects and monitor the success of it along with the performance of employees. 
  • Reports Companies can generate reports on their workflows as Zenscale ERP provides a comprehensive analysis of the progress the company
  • Manages Job Work This feature allows managers to track the performance of every employee working under them and assess their reports. 
  • Process Management Users of Zenscale ERP can check every nitty-gritty detail of their workflow under the process management module. 
  • Branch Management The software allows companies to manage multiple branches and their data effortlessly. 
  • Inventory Management Companies can check the live status of their inventory and update it cohesively on checkout and receival. 
  • Vendor Management Keep track of all the vendors that the organization is dealing with through Zenscale ERP. It saves all the important information
  • Material Management This feature allows companies to maintain a comprehensive list of all the materials that they are trading in regularly. 
  • GST All the bills and financial documents generated by Zenscale ERP are in tandem with GST regulations. 
  • Customer Management The software allows organizations to manage all the details of their customers. It saves all the important details such as goods,
  • Account Receivable This ERP software generates automated accounts receivable and payable based on expenses. 
  • Budgeting Organizations can check for unrequired expenditures and remove it through the budgeting module offered by Zenscale ERP. 
  • Finance Management Finance departments can use this software to generate important documents such as balance sheet, cashflow statements, etc. 
  • General Ledger Organizations are provided a general ledger for efficient bookkeeping and tracking expenses at any given time. 
  • Centralized Control The software offers centralized access over the operations that remove the necessity for micromanaging employee’s work. 

Zenscale ERP Plans & Pricing

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Zenscale ERP Gallery

How zenscale manages complex production planning
Time & Attendance
Shift Management
Salary Deduction

Zenscale ERP Specifications

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  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

Zenscale ERP Reviews


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sunil dhomase


Value for Money
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“Fantastic Customer Service”

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Posted - Jul 23, 2018

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Zenscale ERP FAQ

Q. Is using an online payroll secure for my data? arrow

A. Of course, yes! We use 256 SSL data encryption. These are the same security features that are being used by various nationalized and private banks in the country

Q. What will be the data storage location? arrow

A. Currently we are using Amazon web servers based in the U.S.A that lets us commit a 100% secure and error-free service.

Q. Server issues in big companies. arrow

A. Using a Cloud-based software for your company can help you to cut the hardware cost, support, and the people requirement to manage and prevent hacking

Q. If internet issues occur then how will it work? arrow

A. What do you do when any internet issue makes you unable to access social media or emails over your laptop or computer system? You switch to your mobile data. Correct? The same can be done to access our online payroll software in case any internet issue occurs. Since we are offering 24/7 access from any web browser, our software can be accessed using mobile data also, in case of any internet issue.

Q. How do I create/add new users on zenscale? arrow

A. Switching the data in Zenscale software is the game of a single click, with its easy data import option with which you can switch all the data at once.

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