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About Campusdean Virtual Classroom

What is Campusdean?

Campusdean is a state-of-the-art school ERP software. It is currently providing services in more than 12 countries across the world. This school ERP software helps in easing the school management activities. The school management software solution allows institutes to setup a live classroom and conduct classes online to increase the reach amongst students living in remote areas. 
The live virtual classroom module allows teachers to connect with their students from remote locations with ease. It facilitates two-way interaction between the teachers and students for proper communication. Furthermore, students can interact with their peers in real-time as well. 

Campusdean also helps in conducting examinations. This virtual classroom software allows teachers to create exam schedules and test papers, asses students’ performance and generate grades. 

Another key functionality of Campusdean is how it allows the non-academic staff to work seamlessly. Non-academic staff can efficiently manage the educational institute’s finances and HR-related tasks with Campusdean school ERP software. 

How Does Campusdean School ERP Software Help in Student Management? 

Campusdean is developed with student performance management as one of its core modules. The software allows schools to create a profile for every student, which records every single detail such as exam results, co-curricular activity report, etc. It keeps a digital record of the student’s activity and makes it visible to teachers through their dashboard. These inputs help school authorities keep a watchful eye on students and identify the areas where students need help for holistic development. 

Campusdean School ERP Modules

Here are some key modules offered by Campusdean school ERP software:

  1. Live classroom
  2. Management application 
  3. Techer application
  4. Parent app 
  5. Admission process
  6. Fee Collection
  7. Student details
  8. Timetable design 

What is the price of Campusdean School ERP software?

The price of Campusdean app and school ERP software varies based on the customer demand. Please request a call for further inquiries. 


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Campusdean Virtual Classroom Features

The software offers different dashboards for parents, teachers and admins to check the information they require.
This school ERP software also allows users to conduct live classes through the internet.
Teachers can plan the course completion approach along with other vital information that they want to use.
Campusdean helps conduct attendance for students and the staff members easily.
Teachers can create tests papers with the software and use it for conducting online tests for the students.
Teachers can create a question bank, which helps them create tests papers easily.
The school ERP software allows users to not only conduct exams but also check answer sheets and grade them instantly.
This school ERP software allows school authorities to plan and make announcements for any school event or activities.
This school management software helps teachers create a separate profile for every individual student to track their progress and issues.
Teachers can share daily homework through the software and even notify the parents regularly about it.
Campusdean provides a yearly calendar to pre-plan all the activities that a school needs to conduct in an academic year.
The software comes with a specialized mobile application for teachers, parents, and the management.

Get Campusdean Virtual Classroom support31 Chatting right now

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Campusdean Virtual Classroom Specifications


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Campusdean Virtual Classroom FAQs

A. Yes, Campusdean offers the whiteboard for improved communication during live online classes.
A. Campusdean allows users to record their lectures during a live class for the future reference.
A. This school ERP software can be customized as per your personal requirements.
A. Yes, Campusdean provides customized mobile applications for schools along with hosting services.
A. Techjockey offers a demo before purchase for Campusdean. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.

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