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About Vectorcast

What is VectorCAST?

VectorCAST is an embedded testing platform that automates the testing activities across the development lifecycle of the software. It focuses on embedded systems, enables continuous and collaborative testing and provides the most automated tools for the ease of the users. The software works effectively with the existing development tools. VectorCAST finds wide applicability in fields such as aerospace, industrial, automotive, medical and railways. 

The software offers different solutions such as Unit and Integration Test for C/C++, Ada Unit and Integration Testing, Quality Metrics, Static Analysis and System Test Automation. It helps one’s organization to implement practice-based, industry-focused services to improve quality and productivity. It provides an expert solution in complex testing environments and lets users focus on mentoring their clients for enhancing self-sufficiency.

What is VectorCAST/C++?

VectorCAST/C++ is a software solution that reduces time, cost and effort associated with testing C/C++ components to a great extent. It is essential to validate the safety in the critical embedded systems. The software provides complete construction of unit and integration testing, code coverage analysis, code complexity calculation and automatic test creation based on decision paths. It supports agile and test-driven development methods and regression testing.

You can perform component testing without writing any line(s) of code. The software provides an integrated code coverage that lets you gauge the effectiveness of the component testing. It supports integration testing to build complex test scenarios, which help one to stimulate a number of functions across various units. All the generated components are compiled and linked automatically. There is also an interface to the debugger of the compiler that allows one to easily run test cases. It supports a wide range of compilers, simulators and embedded target testing. This software solution also automates regression testing.

What is VectorCAST/QA?

VectorCAST/QA allows your team members to work together on test activities, provides up-to-date metrics and shortens test times. VectorCAST/QA provides system test automation, parallel testing, web-based quality dashboard, quality trend analysis, test collaboration and change impact analysis. This integrates with Continuous Integration Servers like Jenkins to allow tests to be distributed across physical or virtual test machines. 

VectorCAST/QA collects key metrics such as frequency of code changes, code complexity and code coverage data. It provides QA engineers with a single point of control for a plethora of data and test activities to make quality improvement decisions.

VectorCAST/QA also provides code coverage analysis to measure the completeness of test activities by analyzing the different portions of an application executed. This identifies understated sections of a codebase and is used in combination with other metrics such as bug counts and code complexity to show the quality improvement initiatives.

Pricing of VectorCAST

The pricing of VectorCAST is available on the request of customers and is absolutely customizable. If you are looking forward to buying the software, do drop us your requirements, and we will get back to you for any further updates on the pricing of the software.

How does VectorCAST software ensure verification & validation for the automotive sector?

ISO 26262 provides a procedural model and process framework for the testing and development of critical electronic systems in motor vehicles. It satisfies the recommendation for verification and testing for software development. Recommended activities include both the unit and system-level testing like structural coverage tests and requirement-based tests. It supports all levels of code coverage that is required for ISO 26262 such as statement, branch and MCDC. You can perform automatic regression testing, robustness testing and boundary condition testing with this software. 

VectorCAST supports ISO 26262 by providing support for all levels of structural coverage, automatic generation and compilation of test stubs and test cases based on a plausible range of values. You can generate standards-compliant test reports, modify and re-execute test cases without the need to re-compile and manage cyclomatic complexity and basis path analysis. Test execution is done on both host and embedded target development systems.

Sold By : Vector Software

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Vectorcast Features

Users can perform unit and integration tests for C/C++ with VectorCAST/C++ solution, and Ada Unit and integration testing with VectorCAST/Ada.
Static Analysis is performed by VectorCAST/Lint. It performs module or whole-program source code analysis on C or C++.
VectorCAST/QA allows team members in an organization to work collaboratively on test activities, and reduce the test times to provide updated metrics and analytics on release readiness. The code coverage measures the completeness of test activities by analyzing different portions of an executed program.
The software is totally devoid of any risks as it automatically identifies problems at the source itself. Since you can detect the problem(s) before compilation or dynamic testing, it is totally safe to use.
VectorCAST/Analytics solution helps perform quality data analysis. The software also uses web-based metrics for performing quality monitoring and data testing.  
The software helps your organization to implement practice-based and industry-focused services to improve the quality and productivity of your business. It also helps to mentor clients for self-sufficiency by providing expertise in complex testing environments.  

Get Vectorcast support22 Chatting right now

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Vectorcast Specifications


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Vectorcast FAQs

VectorCAST finds wide applicability in different fields such as aerospace, industrial sector, automobile, medical and railways.
VectorCAST/C++ test solution helps in reducing the time, effort and cost that is associated with the testing of C/C++ components. It is vital for validating the safety of embedded systems.
VectorCAST Services help in the implementation of practice and industry-based services to improve the productivity of the software.
VectorCAST/QA allows team members in an organization to work jointly on test activities and reduce test times to provide updated metrics. The code coverage measures the completeness of test activities by analyzing different sections of an application.
VectorCAST/Lint performs efficient Static Analysis. It carries out module or whole-program source code analysis in C or C++.

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