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About Tunnelbear

What is Tunnelbear?

Tunnelbear is a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that enables the user to browse the web more securely. The tool comes with a powerful encryption system that secures your internet connection, thus helping you to keep all your online activities private. It is an easy-to-use application that fits in perfectly and syncs with any device or operating system.

How Does Tunnelbear Encrypt Your Internet Connection?

By default, Tunnelbear uses a strong AES 256-bit encryption system which is extremely strong and robust. It eliminates all options of working with weaker encryption procedures. The app protects and secures all your data with the help of Grizzly-grade encryption. With its powerful security protocols, you can rest assured to get reliable and effective security support. Tunnelbear is considered the only VPN in the world that publishes independent and accurate security audits of your applications on a regular basis.

How to Get Started?

To start securing your online activities with Tunnelbear, you simply need to install the application in any of your devices, be it a desktop having a Windows or a macOS, an iOS or Android mobile device. After the installation is complete, you need to open the app, select your country and turn the switch on for ‘Encrypted Tunnel’. Once you are connected, you can leave the rest upon the app that will run in the background and continue to secure your data and other browsing activities.

Tunnelbear Price

Tunnelbear comes in three pricing options, namely -

  1. Free - In the free version, you will get up to 500MB of secure web browsing.
  2. Unlimited - You can get the unlimited version of Tunnelbear at Rs. 358.01 per month.
  3. Teams - Tunnelbear for teams is available at Rs. 412.54 per user, per month.

You can request for a callback to get a free demo so that you can get an idea of how would Tunnelbear be beneficial for you. You can even talk to our representative over the phone to get in-depth knowledge of how Tunnelbear works. We want you to pick the plan that works for you.

How is Tunnelbear Different?

It comes with a host of benefits, which includes protection against data theft. It also prevents IP-based tracking and bypasses local censorship and others. Tunnelbear values your privacy and they never monitor, track, log or sell any of your data or browsing activity.

Moreover, you can even browse the internet from up to 23 different countries, which helps you to have a seamless flow of data and information over a networking system while traveling or residing in a foreign country. You can enjoy an unlimited flow of data and web browsing through an endless list of websites and applications without any hassle or obstacle, and discover something new every time.

Sold By : Tunnelbear

Get Tunnelbear support 21 Chatting right now

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Tunnelbear Features

With this app, you can schedule maintenance by bringing together all the necessary resources required. In this way, you can avoid delay in your web browsing procedures and enhance work productivity.
Tunnelbear prevents hackers from stealing your passwords or data over insecure public networks. It blocks such spam attempts and harmful websites to keep your data secure.
Often while using internet over some public Wi-Fi networks, viruses might be installed in your device. Tunnelbear comes with an anti-virus facility that prevents you from facing any virus attack, which might hamper your web browsing experience.
With this app, you can access any remote device safely without having the risks of data theft. You require a secure data connection, and Tunnelbear would help you with that.
Tunnelbear comes with financial data protection feature that secures all your monetary transactions and prevents any banking related data from getting leaked.

Get Tunnelbear support21 Chatting right now

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Tunnelbear Specifications


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Tunnelbear FAQs

After you turn on the app, it routes all your incoming or outgoing data with the help of a secure global server network. When a hacker or an advertiser tries to look up for your browsing activities, they can only view an unreadable or distorted junk.
There are entities that keep a track of all your online activities for carrying out certain business purposes. They include internet service providers, advertisers, network owners, hackers and even Governments. You can’t afford to let go of your confidential data and browsing activities.
Tunnelbear eliminates the ways hackers or other parties track your internet activities and prevents the risk of your personal data getting hijacked or stolen. Your data might get leaked while browsing the web over Wi-Fi or some other public data transfer networks.
Tunnelbear’s Grizzly-grade encryption changes your true IP address so as to hide your identity. This prevents a third party from tracing your real physical location or your device’s IP address, thus protecting you from a potential data hack or your personal information from getting tracked.
Tunnelbear doesn’t compromise on the speed as it is optimised to enable you to surf the web and stream data really quick, without facing tedious buffering or loading procedures. In fact, the app is supposed to speed up your gaming or browsing experience by preventing third parties from hacking your data.

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