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About Trident

What is Trident? 

Trident is a call recording software to amplify the operational productivity of call centers. The software allows users to record all their interactions in real-time and save it on a secured location. It helps in reviewing several factors: 

  1. Call review of the individual agent 
  2. Script for interaction 
  3. Future call management training and research purposes

Trident has an on-built caller-ID for the identification of callers. Plus, it allows users to strategize an intelligent call routing. This enables call centers to create specialized teams for specific types of queries and direct incoming calls to these teams for optimized solution provision. The calls can be routed to fixed, moving or even IP destinations for achieving call management efficiency. This call recording solution also provides IVR and subsequent dialler features for high speed working. 

What is so unique about Trident? 

Trident is built for achieving flexibility in call center workflow without compromising on the output. The call recording software can get accustomed to any format of workspace be it ground force sales teams, in-office caller or work from home setup; it works seamlessly. It helps in automating the calling workflow. It includes both predictive and progressive dialing functions to reduce the time spent on scheduling and dialing calls. Call centers can create a query-based directory to reduce the time to provide solutions to customers. The IVR system allows companies to include multilingual automatic speech recognition support. 

What features does Trident software offer? 

Here are the features provided by Trident: 

  1. Intelligent routing 
  2. Inbound and outbound call management 
  3. Collaboration from any location 
  4. IVR service
  5. Voicemail 
  6. Fax to email integration 
  7. Call history and reporting 
  8. Management interface 

What is the price of Trident Software?

The price of Trident software varies based on the customer requirements for their workflow.

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Sold By : Dialoga

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Trident Features

Trident enables users to route the calls to preferred agents in real-time. 
Companies can set welcome voice messages to filter the queries of callers via IVR system in Trident. 
The software allows company to manage the inter-departmental and inter-team communication seamlessly. In addition to that, it also allows them to work from remote locations.
In case the caller does not get access to any support agent, they can drop a voicemail message in the system that will be directed to the agent on priority. 
Trident software can integrate with a wide variety of applications through API network formation to share data in real-time. 
The call recording software creates comprehensive reports on CDR, call tracking, call traffic, etc. for detailed insights into the operations. 
Users can access the call logs to check the calls made to them and by them at any time. 
The software enables companies to create comprehensive reports to have a better understanding of the workforce.

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Trident Specifications


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Trident FAQs

Yes, Trident allows users to save their workflow data to any location of their choice.
Techjockey provides a demo for Trident software that can be scheduled at your preferable time and date.
Trident has an in-built bulk messaging system with its own reporting and analytics feature.
The call centre management solution has a mobile app for both Android and iPhone platforms.
Trident is a web-based call centre solution that can be accessed through internet browsers.

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