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About TechHR

What is TechHR?

TechHR is an online payroll management software that offers payroll and human resource services and helps a business to grow. It is an integrated end to end payroll software designed to keep in mind the requirements of various businesses.

Why choose TechHR?

Apart from its multiple benefits, the 3 topmost would be as below:

  1. Error-free process
  2. 100% guaranteed statutory compliance
  3. Payout to attendance within a few hours

Why is TechHR people’s favourite?

TechHR has always been known for providing solutions to every client problem, whether its payroll or attendance. TechHR always has all the answers. Below are some of the key advantages of associating with TechHR.

  1. Easy setup: Its easy-to-use software carefully walks you through every single step required to pay your employees.
  2. Salaried and hourly employees: TechHR supports both, salaried and hourly basis employees.
  3. Sick leave and vacation: You get the flexibility to set your business's time off policies. TechHR also helps you to stay compliant with area wise sick time mandate.
  4. Reimbursements: At time same time as you’re running payroll, you can even pay your employees reimbursements.
  5. Net-to-Gross: TechHR’s payroll software calculates the gross payment required by just giving it the net amount that an employee should receive for bonuses).
  6. Canceling payroll: With just a single click, you can cancel or rerun payroll whenever you want.
  7. Flexible schedules: TechHR gives you the freedom to pay your employees whenever you like, whether it is weekly, monthly, or even twice per month.
  8. Detailed reports: To know in-depth about the banking transactions, payroll history, miscellaneous payments and paid time off, you can generate detailed reports in PDF format.
  9. Multiple Rates: With TechHR, you can pay your employees with multiple roles, different rates basis their work performed within each pay cycle.
  10. Multiple Schedule: Basis the needs of your team, you may customize your paying schedule.

Pricing of TechHR

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Sold By : Techquadra

Get TechHR support 14 Chatting right now

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TechHR Features

With TechHR, you get limitless payrolls options, you can run payroll as much as you like and even include bonus and off-cycle.  
Your employees can easily request for sick time and vacation which you can track and approve easily.  
One can manage attendance on a real time basis and also manage holiday calendar and shifts along the same.  
You can easily work on employee compensation, revise salaries and even integrate with leave, attendance and time.

Get TechHR support14 Chatting right now

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TechHR Specifications


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A. TechHR is a complete suite of human resource software that comprises of every functionality to manage HR processes and data.
A. Yes, TechHR is a cloud-based software and derives its information and data from multiple sources.
A. It does, TechHR payroll software works on both mobile and tablets. It also allows self-management and service anytime and anywhere on both, Android and Apple software.
A. TechHR works with a plethora of organizations in the commercial, non-profit and public sectors.
A. Not at all, TechHR’s implementation is done inhouse.

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