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About Tcexam

What is TCExam?

TCExam is an open-source exam software for conducting online exams such as Computer-Based Testing, Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) and e-exam. The software features a wide variety of tools, helping trainers and educators to schedule, author, deliver and create reports on exams and tests conducted by them in a hassle-free way. TCExam supports multiple languages and is powered by RTL support as well, enabling users to plan and conduct online exam in any language of their choice. Further, the software also conforms with the W3C Usability and Accessibility guidelines. Thus, allowing educators to make arrangements for disabled and blind students as well. One can connect to TCExam through familiar web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. 

What type of question formats are available on TCExam?

TCExam software supports four types of question formats as listed below:

  1. Multiple Choice Single Answer (MCSA): In this format, students get access to multiple options, out of which they can specify their answer by clicking on only one radio button next to the options.
  2. Multiple Choice Multiple Answer (MCMA): In this format, the test taker can select all the buttons while answering their question.
  3. Ordering Answers (ORDER): In this format, the test taker is provided with options from which they are required to select the right order of the answers.
  4. TEXT (open-ended answers): In this format, the solution can be a word, sentence, phrase, lengthy essay, or a paragraph. Short answers are graded automatically, and the essay type answers are required to be scored manually.

Pricing of TCExam Software

Pricing of TCExam is available at the request of the interested buyers. You can request a callback, and our product expert team will offer you support regarding activation and license renewal.

Compatible platforms for TCExam Online Assessment Software

TCExam is consistent with the following platforms:

  1. Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
  2. Mac OS, version 10.0, and above.

Benefits of using TCExam Software

  1. Open Source: TCExam is an open-source software that comes with a code. Users can resolve issues on their own and do not need to consult vendors to solve their problems. Moreover, the online exam software can easily work with other open-source solutions, proprietary applications and closed protocols as well. 
  2. Independent Platform: TCExam can be installed on any server that supports PHP, Mac OS or Windows systems. One can easily extend or access the database as it is fully documented.
  3. Paper Testing with Optical Character Recognition (OMR): TCExam generates printable PDF documents for pen and paper testing. The OMR answer can then be scanned and uploaded to the software for automatic test importing, reporting, and scoring.
  4. Internationalization: TCExam adopts the ‘Translation Memory eXchange and UTF-8 Unicode charset’ standard. Thus allowing its users to translate their documents without losing any vital information. All the translated data is included within a single XML file that can be edited by users in a manual way or by using a dedicated Computer Aided Translation(CAT) tool.
  5. Data Import and Export: This online exam software features a wide variety of tools enabling its users to export or import question papers and performance data in multiple formats like PDF, CSV and XML. The results can be mailed to individual students in their personal emails. 

Sold By : Tecnick

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Tcexam Features

TCExam offers user-based access rights to the admins enabling them to allow or restrict their staff from accessing a document or device based on their designation.
TCExam extracts a specified number of questions in random order from the user-defined question bank. It selects different types of questions for each student appearing for a particular test.
TCExam hosts a variety of assessment tools, enabling educators to assess the answers given by individual students in an efficient way.
Educators can schedule and conduct interactive quiz sessions with their students. Thus helping them enhance their knowledge level.
TCExam enables its users to set up exam schedules. The software sends in alerts to the educators and the students before the exam date.
The software offers detailed exam based reports for individual students, enabling educators to analyze their performance and take adequate measures in real-time.

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Tcexam FAQs

A. Yes, the software uses a common three-tier structure, and the admin and public areas are physically separated.
A. No, users are not required to buy any extra hardware as TCExam can be used in almost any computer with an internet connection.
A. Yes, Techjockey does provide online demos for TCExam. You have to send us a request stating a preferable time and date.
A. The TCExam project is managed and distributed through the GitHub repository.
A. No, TCExam does not have any dedicated mobile app.

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