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About Synergy MacRepertory

What is Synergy MacRepertory?

Synergy MacRepertory is a homeopathic data management software that acts as an important learning and research tool for its users. Through this homeopathic software, they get to compare all references on a side by side basis and feel confident about the homeopathic treatments they are prescribing to their patients. Synergy MacRepertory helps connect with their homeopathic community via extensive channels. Moreover, users also get access to a wide variety of tools that help them to create “super rubrics”. The expert modules offered by Synergy MacRepertory allows its users to learn from the homeopathic masters and access reference books straight from the software without having to click into different chapters.  

How is the Visionary Edition of Synergy MacRepertory useful for its users?

  1. The Visionary Edition of Synergy MacRepertory is useful for contemporary homeopaths who want a higher degree of versatility within their practice. The edition makes it possible for doctors to handle cases from a variety of perspectives. 
  2. It consists of a massive library of books offered by Synergy Homeopathic, 950+ reference cases and repertory extractions, helping its users to expand their research capabilities. 
  3. Users can create strategic plans which are best suited for their cases. They can also generate their own customized graphs, make new families of remedies and choose their own background colors, repertory icons and fonts.  
  4. Using the Visionary Edition of Synergy MacRepertory homeopathic software, users get access to multiple analytical features and remedy confirmation tools. Thus enhancing their remedy differentiation and simillimum identification ability.

Pricing of Synergy MacRepertory Homeopathy Software

The pricing of Synergy MacRepertory is available on request. You can send us a call back request, our product experts will offer you a negotiable quote and all necessary guidance. 

Compatible Platforms for Synergy MacRepertory

Synergy MacRepertory is compatible with 

  1. Windows 7 and above versions.
  2. MacOS 10.7 and above versions.

Benefits of Synergy MacRepertory Homeopathy Software

  1. New World Veterinary Repertory: Synergy MacRepertory offers a carefully constructed repertory for homeopathic veterinarians. Users get access to most useful rubrics based on the knowledge of Wendy Jensen and Richard Pitcairn.
  2. Comprehensive Resource: Users no longer need to go through piles of books as this homeopathic software offers a vast number of resources directly on its user’s screens.
  3. Accurate Prescription Creator: With the wide amount of faster and accurate results offered by the homeopathy software, users get to identify symptoms in real-time and prescribe the accurate treatment as well. 
  4. Time Saver: Users get to navigate between books, collect case wise rubric analysis and apply multiple analytical strategies just with a single click.

Sold By : Synergy Homeopathic

Get Synergy MacRepertory support 27 Chatting right now

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Synergy MacRepertory Features

Synergy MacRepertory features a friendly user interface and a fine-tune prescribing process, enabling its users to operate it in a hassle-free manner.
Users get to analyze complex cases based on 1300 strategies. They can offer intuitive treatments while maintaining the uniqueness of each patient.
With Synergy MacRepertory, users can study, research and develop their extensive skills using a wide variety of extraction from modern and classical texts.
Synergy MacRepertory helps maintain a detailed record of their patients along with their specific symptoms and prescribed treatment.
Users get access to Homeopathic Materia Medica, which enables them to identify a disease by their symptoms and prepare required mixtures.
Users get access to an extensive homeopathic library consisting of 900+ references. It includes cases and extractions from multiple classical and modern texts.

Get Synergy MacRepertory support27 Chatting right now

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Synergy MacRepertory Specifications


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Synergy MacRepertory FAQs

A. Synergy MacRepertory offers Sankaran’s Sensation methodology, Massimo Mangialavori Expert System and Boenninghausen Expert System.
A. The software allows its users to navigate between multiple books, collect data from rubric for analysis and apply different analysis strategies just with a single click.
A. Yes, Techjockey does offer an online demo for Synergy MacRepertory. You must send in a demo request mentioning a fixed time and date.
A. Users need to have: Windows: ? RAM: 4GB RAM ? Hard Disk: 12 to 32GB out of the total space within the hard disk MacOS: ? RAM: 4GB RAM ? Hard Disk: 12 to 25GB out of the total space within the hard disk.
A. No, Synergy MacRepertory does not have a mobile app.

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