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About StoryChief

What is Storychief? 

Storychief is a unique content distribution software. Storychief assists businesses in the centralization of their content creation and distribution processes. Storychief content management software improves collaboration among content writers, editors, and social media managers. 

Storychief content distribution software streamlines the entire process by connecting copywriters to editor-in-chief in a simple chain of command. The software takes input from the content team, and all the designated copywriters, editors, etc. do their work. In a way, it acts like a conveyor belt for content teams. The software also offers a search engine optimization toolkit for increasing traffic towards the content.  What makes Storychief more favorable among content-centric teams or organization is its social media and various integration module. This content management software offers integration with a wide variety of applications, such as:

  1. WordPress
  2. Medium
  3. Shopify
  4. Magento 
  5. Giphy
  6. Pinterest
  7. Primcore
  8. Zapier
  9. Blogger
  10. Adobe Acrobat 
  11. Instagram, etc. 

Storychief content distribution software provides a dependable platform for social media marketing and blogging teams.

Who are the targeted users of Storychief? 

Storychief is used by content-based organizations such as political consultancies, media marketing organizations, blogging teams, etc. It assists in workflow from checking to approving in one go. 

What are the benefits of Storychief?

Storychief offers a lot of benefits to social media marketing trams, here are a few listed below:

  1. The content distribution software updates the content on all the platforms within 5 minutes.
  2. It improves leads coverage through multi-channel access more efficiently.
  3. It saves around six hours’ worth of time on collaboration, approvals, and distribution of your content. 

What is the price of Storychief? 

Storychief content management software is available in three different plans. Every plan is available in both monthly and yearly plans. The plans are:

  1. Essential – Rs. 720/- per month 
  2. Essential – Rs. 7200/- per year
  3. Professional – Rs. 7100/- per month 
  4. Professional – Rs.  71000/- per year
  5. Tailored – a customized plan 

For further plans and feature-related inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly. 

Sold By : storychief

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StoryChief Features

The software offers version control over the blog. It allows editors to check which version of the content they want to use. 
The content management software allows editors easily approve content through the system. 
Content teams can send their documents/blog in the Storychief pipeline, which is checked by copywriters. It aids in the supervision of documents seamlessly. 
Storychief offers a hierarchical workflow where content supervisors can seek permission from their managers. It makes team communication efficient. 
It allows content teams to search their content through keywords at any time. 
The software assists in search engine optimization and traffic generation. 

Get StoryChief support13 Chatting right now

Buy StoryChief2169 People viewed this product

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StoryChief Specifications


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StoryChief FAQs

No, Storychief supports images of all resolutions. Storychief resizes the image automatically if needed.
You will be the owner of your content. Storychief saves your content in the backend and database of your server.
Yes, Storychief integrates with HubSpot seamlessly and does not require the knowledge of coding for integration.
Yes, you can export your content to Word or PDF. Go to the menu section, and click on the download option, select the format of your choice.
Storychief has an automated feature that checks through all the integrated channels once the content is updated.

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