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Spine HRMS

by : Spine Technologies

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Brand: Spine Technologies

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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Spine HRMS Software Overview

What is Spine HR?

Spine HR is a cloud-based HR solution that consolidates payroll, compliance, and human capital management for enterprises, enabling efficient functioning. The accountability and skills of an individual workforce get enhanced based on the intelligent modules and workflows offered by the software. With its contactless module of selfie-attendance, businesses can access real-time correct attendance data. Further, the program provides an interactive interface that can be leveraged by employees to extract essential data without any assistance from real HR. Organizations can utilize this intuitive system to scale and modify their hierarchy-based process flows. 

Spine HR is capable of recognizing the significant stages of an employee’s life cycle and helps reporting managers strategize growth and development plans as per their business needs. Enterprises can define leave policies, standardize their leave approval process, and automate leave transactions with this portal. The comprehensive solution helps automate all HR tasks like payroll management, recruitment, time tracking, reimbursement settlements, expense management, performance evaluation, etc. 

An advanced virtual assistant included within Spine HR, resolves queries generated by individual employees, saving HR’s work hours. The system also helps employees with their travel, asset, and resource allocation requests. Organizations can define workflows to optimize their visitor management, timesheet management, and helpdesk management processes within the integrated portal.

How does the Selfie Attendance module ensure a contactless attendance process in an organization?

  1. Face Recognition: The program offers AI-enabled computer vision that detects and recognizes faces facilitating real-time attendance capturing.
  2. Mask Detection: Enterprises can utilize the built-in algorithms of the software to implement the optional mask detection functionality.
  3. Photo Detection: The algorithms will differ in case of a photo and help HR to identify the difference between a picture and a real person. Thus eliminating out chances of proxy attendance. 
  4. One Person Detection: The program detects the face of only one person at a time, even in a group.
  5. Accuracy and Speed: With this attendance monitoring software, capturing attendance through face recognition takes less than one second with higher than 99.9% accuracy rate.
  6. Edge Data: Integrated devices work even while the internet connection gets disrupted and conducts data backup to the cloud as soon as the connectivity gets restored.
  7. Encryption: The face and attendance data captured by the system is protected by end-to-end encryption with HTTPS and AES 128-Bit. The server and data are maintained in India. 

Pricing of Spine HR

Spine HR monitoring solution charges Rs. 30 per employee on a monthly basis. If you want to know more about the software solution, feel free to request a callback. Our technical experts will get back to you within one or two business days.

Benefits of Spine HR

  1. Appraisal Dashboards: With graphical data representation like rating scales and bell curve generation, managers can map out employee performance in a tangible manner. The dashboards also allow comparison between multiple appraisal parameters and calendars.
  2. Visitor Management System: Organizations can register the name, address, time, purpose, etc of individual visitors. The system allows printing of a visitor’s pass with their image. It also helps in generating comprehensive reports on all visits by guests, that contain details of the visitor-log, departments, locations, hosts, and more.
  3. Timesheet Management: With the inclusive project master, managers can capture progress data of ongoing projects and map employee contribution associated with them. Employees can submit timesheets online, detailing their activities. Integration with the time attendance module enforces data validation of working hours. HR members can re-initialize timesheets if they find them to be incomplete or in need of editing.

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Spine HRMS Features

  • Payroll Management Spine HR management software helps human resource teams to calculate salaries of the entire organization effortlessly. IT also
  • Employee Self service HR teams can provide self service portals to employees where they can track and apply for leaves. Get access to various
  • Employee Lifecycle Management This software helps in tracking of the entire lifecycle of the employee. It comprehensively saves the data regarding the
  • Leave Management HR teams can create rules for leave and function accordingly. 
  • Claim Management Employees with travelling and several other expense claims can be raised and settled through Spine HR suite. 
  • Workflow Management Managers can track the work of the employees and access reports automatically on completion. 
  • Attendance Management The software integrates with devices like biometric to record attendance of the entire workforce. 
  • Expense Management Organization can manage their expenditure efficiently. It allows them to check where the expenses are not benefitting. 
  • Learning Management New joiners in the organization can get acquainted with the rules and regulations of the organizations. HR teams can share the
  • Performance Management The software allows HR teams to assess the performance of all the employees in the workplace. 
  • Recruitment Management Spin HR Suite automates numerous recruitment-related tasks, like assorting & supervising CVs, scheduling meetings,
  • Mobile Support Work efficiently to sort out resumes of applicants and improve the quality of recruits.
  • Ready Bank Statements Organizations can access bank reconciliatory statements for all the transactions they make. 
  • Visitor Management The software can create one-time user passes for visitors, interns, and other non-regular visitors. 
  • Shift Management HR teams can create shifts and set timings, employees can be allotted the shifts accordingly. The software records their shifts
  • Helpdesk Management Spine HR suite offers helpdesk features to take queries regarding changes in daily operations from concerned authority through
  • Loan Management HR teams can avail loans to employees according to the organization’s regulation and track it in real-time through this
  • Document Management The legal department can save all the documents important for the organization can save in the software for usage during auditing
  • MIS Reports HR teams can generate comprehensive and thorough MIS reports to get insights about the operations and the workforce. 
  • Travel Requests Management Employees can make travelling requests according to the office guidelines. 
  • Timesheets Spine HR Suite creates timesheets that integrates daily attendance. Timesheet is used for salary calculation at the end of the
  • Employee Documents The software saves all the important documents from employees as a valid proof of the things stated on their resume. This
  • API Integration Spine HR Suite integrates with ongoing APIs of the organization and shares data seamlessly for smooth working. 
  • Compensation Management The software allows HR teams to settle claims for their official expenses through their salary. 
  • Discussion Form HR can create open forums and encourage employees to participate in discussions. They can define topics and restrict
  • Resource Booking With this HRM software, employees can book resources such as meeting rooms, laptops, etc and ensure a quick and efficient process
  • AI Chatbot Enterprises can access the AI-powered chatbot Spina, offering advanced support and resolutions to employee-generated queries

Spine HRMS Plans & Pricing

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Q. ✍ What Payroll components does Spine HR offer? arrow

A. Spine HR helps with basic employee management and payroll functions, such as, deductions, tax components, basic, HRA, etc. It includes PF calculation, as well.

Q. 📂 Where does the Spine HR software save the data? arrow

A. Spine HR offers a hybrid data storage system that utilizes both cloud and on-premise deployment for smooth data collection.

Q. 🤔 What is the purpose of Spine HR? arrow

A. The responsibilities of a Spine HR manager fall into three major areas: staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and defining/designing work. Essentially, the purpose of HRM is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees.

Q. ✍ Can I manage security roles and record access rights? arrow

A. Yes, users can create customized security roles and manage access rights using Spine HR. Most of these tasks can also be automated via a database administrator.

Q. 🖥 What are the system requirements for Spine HR? arrow

A. Spine HR is accessed through a web browser. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements for running the Spine HR efficiently.

Q. 💭 Is Spine HR available on cloud or on-premise? arrow

A. Spine HR is a web-based software that saves all your data on cloud.

Q. 💵 How much does Spine HR & Payroll cost? arrow

A. The price of Spine HR varies depending on your customization requirement. Please request a call and our team will get in touch with you.

Q. 🤷 ‍ ♀ ️ Who need Spine HR? arrow

A. Spine HR & Payroll can be used in all types of organizations i.e., start-ups, SMEs, agencies, enterprises of all sizes.

Q. 🖥 What operating system does Spine require to run efficiently? arrow

A. Spine HR works smoothly on all operating software. It works for both window and MacOS

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