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About Spider CTCL

What is Spider CTCL?

Spider CTCL is a technical analysis software featuring a wide variety of stock management tools curated for the traders in the Indian stock market. With Spider CTCL, users get to track and analyze relevant movements within the market and make essential changes within their investment patterns as well. The right trading decisions increase the profit margins for their business. Further, with Spider CTCL stock market management software, users get to discover the best opportunities within the market. It provides multiple market equity tracking features and services. Users get access to live data concerning the stock market, over the broker feed along with intuitive charts and analysis tools.

How is the Technical Query feature of Spider CTCL useful for the investors?

  1. The Technical query feature of Spider CTCL helps predict the price changes within a particular stock based on its volume and market performance over the past years.
  2. Stock market investors can analyze a particular stock when the market is live and also in the end when the market closes for the day. They can also customize the feature as per their own needs and requirements. 
  3. The feature allows investors to make stock-based analysis by analysing multiple studies and conditions. Further, they can also scan and find scrips that can offer proper breakouts.      

Pricing of Spider CTCL Stock Market Software

Spider CTCL is available for ₹ 20,000. You can request us for a callback, our customer care executives will get back to you. They will offer all the necessary guidance and will answer all queries as well. 

Compatible Platforms for Spider CTCL

Spider CTCL is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS.

Benefits of using Spider CTCL Technical Analysis Software

  1. Market-based summary: With Spider CTCL, users get access to a detailed summary of their daily exchanges. Users get complete details about top gainers or losers, top traded shares, all-time high low scripts and 52 week high lows.
  2. Advanced Technical Indicators and Scanners: The stock market management software offers a wide variety of features like ticket query, event selector and market query, enabling its users to scan an entire market and find out essential events like high volume, bulk buying and selling, all-time high/low scripts, breakouts and more.
  3. Strategy Testing: Spider CTCL technical analysis software allows its users to simulate a trading strategy over a specified period and analyze the results based on profit levels and risk factors. They can also test a trading strategy based on relevant historical data to ensure its success rate before investing real money.  
  4. Index Puller and Dragger: The feature showcases scripts which have the highest or the lowest contribution to maintain the positive and negative pattern within the index. Users also get access to market capitalization and free-flow data along with Nifty 50 stocks.

Sold By : Spider Software

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Spider CTCL Features

Spider CTCL offers a variety of options, enabling its users to customize the look of their chart background, candlesticks and the color within them.
Users can find out about the best and worst scripts within their market, gainer or looser groups using the group analysis feature offered by Spider CTCL.
Spider CTCL offers detailed market-based reports on 52 weeks high and low, top traded stocks, top gainers and losers of the day and all-time live high and low scrips.
By using Spider CTCL stock market analysis software, users get access to multiple system tools like Extensions, Retracement and Price Channels.
With Spider CTCL, users get to compare daily and intraday charts with external groups or scripts. They can also access the outperform and outperform scripts.
With the help of Candlestick Scanner, traders can predict the activities within the stock market and also scan out charts in an efficient manner.
Users can download an unlimited amount of intraday based history of DERIVATIVES and NSE CASH as per their needs.
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Spider CTCL Specifications


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Spider CTCL FAQs

A. Stock market traders can scan the charts and find candlestick scanners like Hammer, Doji and Dark cloud cover just with a single click.
A. Users get access to multiple trendline chart patterns like head, triangle and shoulder when they use Spider CTCL.
A. You can send in a demo request for Spider CTCL along with a fixed time and date. Techjockey experts will connect with you.
A. Spider CTCL features advanced technical analysis tools like Extensions, Retracement and Price Channels, enabling users to identify the support and resistance price of a particular stock within the market.
A. Spider CTCL does not have a mobile app.

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