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Sophos Endpoint Protection
Sophos Endpoint Protection
Sophos Endpoint Protection
Sophos Endpoint Protection
Sophos Endpoint Protection
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Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sold by : Sophos

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About Sophos Endpoint Protection

What is Sophos Endpoint Protection?

Sophos Endpoint Protection is an antivirus data security software that assures complete protection to all the devices that are used in an organisation. The software is planned in a way that it can provide support to organisations of all sizes. It is powered by the “Sophos Labs”  feature which has the latest AI-enhanced and Cloud-native solutions to ensure protection against cybercriminal tactics and techniques. The software also detects threats and other types of suspicious behaviours by using this feature. 

How does Sophos Endpoint Protection Software provide End-to-End Protection?

Sophos Endpoint protection software uses comprehensive defence management against any types of malware. Rather than relying on the primary technique of blocking the previously unseen security threats, it resorts to provide an end to end solution to the system threats. The software has a “Sophos Intercept X” feature which combines the leading foundational and modern techniques to provide protection against industries top-rated malware. Advanced attackers launch attacks on servers along with desktops and mobiles. The Intercept X provides protection to the servers with its EDR (endpoint detection and response) feature. 

How Sophos Endpoint Protection Empowers the End Users?

The software has certain features which allow users to handle their web, applications and devices with ease. With the Web Control feature, users can filter out the searches and applications. The peripheral control feature allows users to get full control over applications and other removable media and mobile devices. You can block them or remove them at any time. The Data Loss Prevention feature restricts unauthorised data flow with its pre-designed custom rules. 

Pricing of Sophos Endpoint protection:

The software is available in two plans -

  1. Central Endpoint Standard - The plan charges Rs 59/- per user per month.
  2. Central Endpoint Advance - The plan Charges Rs 79/- per user per month.

How is Sophos Endpoint protection software different from others?

The software delivers sophisticated but simple functional features. It comes with well-balanced default policies, quick and easy deployment, automatic configuration of HIPS and Forensic level system cleanup.

Sold By : Sophos

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Sophos Endpoint Protection Features

The software combines leading foundational and modern techniques to provide protection. It uses endpoint detection and response (EDR) to detect malware.
The software delivers seamless integration between the endpoint agent and the management control so that they can easily detect the process behind the threat.
Sopho Endpoint protection ensures that the users get control over the content they are viewing with the web filter. They can block applications by merely clicking on them and can even manage the removable devices.  
The software delivers simple but sophisticated functionalities to its users. It provides protection against malware and also supports HIPS and malicious traffic detection feature. Sopho provides forensic level system cleanup.
Rather than blocking the security threats, the software detects the source of threat and then goes ahead to remove it on behalf of the user. It not only safeguards the applications and desktops but also provides protection to the web server.
The software provides forensic-level system cleanup. It automatically responds to any threat incidents by synchronizing between the user’s endpoints and a firewall.
The software detects the path of malicious traffic and helps remove them.
It has a category based web control feature that allows users to filter the corporate network.
There are pre-built custom rules to prevent unauthorised data flow.
The software gets continuous updates and the features are light so that the user’s device does not slow down.
Users can easily block any unwanted application with just a click.
You can use Sophos Central Cloud-Based management option or the Deploy Sophos Enterprise Console software in order to apply the policy updates as well as to gather reports based on it.  
Users can easily get themselves upgraded to Sophos Intercept Advanced so that they get to experience a combination of the foundation endpoint security along with modern techniques.
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Sophos Endpoint Protection Specifications

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Sophos Endpoint Protection FAQs

A. Sophos Endpoint Protection not only provides protection against the mobiles and desktops but also protects the user’s servers. With the software, they can precisely control the content of their servers. The software also sends notifications to its users if any unauthorised change attempts are detected.
A. Sopho Software is continually updated by the makers to ensure the best performance. The protection updates are usually small under 30kb. They do not slow down the devices and are also easy on the user’s network and endpoint.
A. The Active Adversary Mitigation feature of the software detects malicious traffics, prevents persistence on machines and also provides protection against credential theft.
A. Sophos Endpoint Protection denies the attackers by blocking the techniques used by them. The attackers cannot escape detection, distribute malware or steal credentials of the user.
A. Sophos Central Admin is a platform that provides complete security management to any devices from the cloud. Users of the software do not need to maintain backups, monitor performance or install any server side-products.

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