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About SmsHorizon

What is SmsHorizon?

SmsHorizon is one of the best bulk SMS sending software. The software assists companies in disseminating circular notices and other information conveniently. SmsHorizon is one of the best Bulk SMS service providers for the Indian market. This bulk text messaging software is used by over 3000 companies all over the country, including reputed telecom services. 

Who are the targeted users of SmsHorizon? 

SmsHorizon can be used for handling marketing campaigns across different types of organizations. 

  1. B2B companies
  2. B2C companies
  3. Service-based industries
  4. E-commerce organizations 
  5. Academic institutions, etc. 

SmsHorizon facilitates effective communication from authority to the employee or client.

Why choose SmsHorizon over others? 

Here are a few reasons why SmsHorizon is a great software for daily office use: 

  1. SmsHorizon requires little effort in set up and registration. It gets installed in minutes. 
  2. The software provides the best features and an easy user interface for beginners and experts alike.
  3. Organizations are provided with zero delay time. Even when messaging in bulk, SmsHorizon facilitates instant delivery. 

What is the price of SmsHorizon? 

The price of SmsHorizon is based on personalization requirements by customers. Please request a call for further inquiries regarding the software, and our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : SmsHorizon

Get SmsHorizon support 23 Chatting right now

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SmsHorizon Features

SmsHorizon facilitates bulk messaging services to users. It can be used for several purposes, such as circular announcements, marketing, etc. 
This bulk message sending software is a useful marketing tool. It facilitates personalized communication with the customers and creates a brand identity. 
The software offers a seamless integrable module. SmsHorizon can integrate with different kinds of software, e.g., HRMS Software, Educational & School ERPs, Manufacturing ERPs, etc. 
Organizations can send text messages to a large number of people instantly with convenience.   

Get SmsHorizon support23 Chatting right now

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SmsHorizon Specifications


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SmsHorizon FAQs

SmsHorizon strictly complies with international guidelines and in first text message, it allows only 160 characters. However, you can send multiple messages simultaneously. Note that SMS Counts will be charged based on the characters, as per Universal Standards. 1 SMS: 160 Characters 2 SMS: 153*2 = 306 Characters.
SmsHorizon offers HTTP, XML, and many other API support. It also provides the necessary details required for integration.
SmsHorizon offers a “transactional routing texting” that delivers messages to DND numbers as well. Having said that, promotional or marketing SMS are not allowed to be pushed on DND numbers as per TRAI policy.
SmsHorizon allows users to schedule text messages with customization. Users can send scheduled text messages in bulk.
Users can send up to one lakh text messages at a time.

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