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About Skyzone bulk SMS software

Skyzone SMS Software application allows user to send out bulk SMS messages from PC via the Internet. This bulk SMS software sends SMS messages simultaneously to different receivers. This opportunity is very useful in business, companies and organizations as they can write promotion messages about products or services and send it to hundreds maybe thousands of people. This software lets the user to build their own SMS or readymade template or make new customize template. Bulk SMS software is a much stable and reliable. Setting up SMS system is a one-time cost and after setting up, company can use it till the they want to and manage the SMS sending process.

Skyzone SMS digital marketing software provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately. Depending on the size and requirements of your organization, you can pick the best pricing plan.

Sold By : Skyzone

Get Skyzone bulk SMS software support 33 Chatting right now

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Skyzone bulk SMS software Features

Online SMS from Web is a new invention of information age. One can originate a Short Message from Web instead of conventional mobile handset and submit the message directly to SMS Centre for further delivery on a desired handset. You can also send a messages using customized sender name, so that the recipient will get your personalized name in place of Mobile number, which is otherwise not possible while sending SMS from mobile phones. So, get rid of composing SMS using tiny key of mobile and start sending online SMS.
Our Desktop SMS tool, Dual Messenger is an extension tool for our web account holders to send SMS from their Desktop. This tool is available FREE of cost and works in sync with your web account. You need PC with internet connection to use this tool. You can also update your contacts from Excel file directly. This versatile tool can also be used to send SMS using a mobile phone or GSM Modem.
When it comes to Send SMS directly from your existing Excel sheet where information is stored in various columns, SMSLane's Excel SMS Plugin makes your job easy.You can creat your SMS by merging different columns in you Excel sheet. Our Excel SMS Plugin allows to send custom messages to each recipients.
This document provides a reference for all features available to you via the HTTP interface for sending SMS.The HTTP-API allows you to integrate your Application (Client) to SMSGlobal (Vendor) using the HTTP protocol to send SMS. HTTPS is also supported for secure transactions using SSL encryption.The Client issues either a HTTP GET or POST request to the SMSGlobal HTTP interface supplying a list of required parameters. SMSGlobal issues back a HTTP Response which indicates the validity of the transaction.The HTTP-API is used for 1 way messaging only. Therefore you need to provide a valid MSISDN as the Sender ID of the message to allow the recipient the ability to respond.
As marketers, we’re constantly thinking up creative ways to get our message out to existing and potential customers; whilst also ensuring we get good results from our efforts. One of the basic practical rules in marketing is to think like your audience, to keep up-to-date with their buying habits and where they are looking.

Get Skyzone bulk SMS software support33 Chatting right now

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