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About Shiprocket

What is Shiprocket?

Shiprocket is a leading logistics software in India that offers automated shipping solutions. Users can ship goods anywhere in India as well as abroad along with getting discounted rates. Additionally, it lets users grow their e-Commerce business by providing an improved shipping quality for better outreach. It helps deliver around 50,000 orders daily and caters to around 220 countries.

Why should e-Commerce Businesses Opt for Shiprocket?

Shiprocket offers cost-effectiveness and allows users to grow their e-Commerce business. It is integrated with around 17 top courier services, which make transportation safe and trustworthy. They get the maximum insurance coverage for their lost shipments. 

  1. The inbuilt RTO and NDR dashboard keeps track of non-delivery issues and helps reduce them.
  2. Customers can place bulk orders at once. 
  3. Additionally, users can track orders via email or text notifications in real-time. 
  4. The COD and Billing Reconciliation dashboard provide insightful business analytics.
  5. Shiprocket is integrated with all the top e-commerce channels.
  6. Increased Reach at lower shipping costs
  7. Order tracking via email and SMS

How Shiprocket Works?

You can increase the reach of your logistics and provide outstanding customer service in the following steps: 

  1. Select the best shipment for your orders
  2. Choose a preferred courier partner
  3. Pack your orders and hand over to the courier partner
  4. Track your order through SMS and email.

How can Customers Personalize their Shopping Behaviour using Shiprocket?

Shiprocket offers both prepaid as well as cash-on-delivery payment options, which give users the freedom to choose effectively. Additionally, customers can track their product whereabouts by SMS or email notifications and if anything is undelivered, they can choose their location preference accordingly. It provides users with a tracking page that is loaded with marketing banners, support information and a net promoter score to tabulate the customer-business relationship.

Pricing of Shiprocket

There are three types of plans available for different types of businesses, which are:

  1. LITE: This plan comes for Rs. 29/- per 500 grams. It is suitable for small and medium eCommerce sellers.
  2. PROFESSIONAL: It comes for Rs. 23/- per 500 grams. It is suitable for sellers who sell their wares on multiple marketplaces and websites.
  3. ENTERPRISE: This plan is absolutely customizable. Users of any business size can opt for this plan.

Sold By : Shiprocket

Get Shiprocket support 23 Chatting right now

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Shiprocket Features

The software allows users to manage all their forward and return orders from a single platform. With just a few clicks, users can process and track orders.
It allows shipping to almost any place in India and to over 220 countries through its integration with top courier services.
 Users can avail an insurance cover of up to Rs. 5000 for their lost shipments.
Users can perform any operation like managing forward and return orders, sync with the inventory, etc., through a diverse dashboard.  
It is a built-in feature of Shiprocket that lets you manage their inventory by uploading their master inventory within the panel and fetch orders from there.
 This feature allows You to save their precious time and money on return orders through the automated non-delivery tab.
You can conveniently make payment through prepaid or COD payment options and receive COD remittance automatically thrice a week.
Your customers can track orders placed via SMS or email updates and get to choose their preferred location for any non-delivered item.
If you wish to sell on different e-commerce portals, the integration solution provided by the software helps manage shipping on one platform.
Users can procure their desired items for their personal use with Shiprocket.  
It works smoothly with over 17 top courier partners from a single platform without depending on any.
Shipping rates start from as low as Rs. 27 per 500 grams. It allows you to save costs and reach out to a vast customer base.
Leading courier partners like DHL, FedEx, etc., is tied up with Shiprocket which helps to ship goods to over 220+ countries.
The software is customizable enough to let you choose a size of your label and decide on personal information that you wish to mention on it.  

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Shiprocket Specifications


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Shiprocket FAQs

The shipping prices in Shiprocket start from as low as Rs. 27 per 500 grams. However, there may be minor alterations depending upon the courier company.
The software has an inbuilt shipping rate calculator that lets users compute exact shipping rates based on the origin and destination, Pincode and the approximate weight of the shipment.
Users need to adopt the following 3 steps to check their RTO orders. Go to the Shiprocket panel by logging in with user credentials > Go to Shipments tab > Select RTO and check the RTO orders.
To track orders, users need to carry out 2 steps. Go to the ‘Shipment’ section and click on the ‘Tracking’ sub tab. You can see the status of your orders. In order to manage a particular order, click on the ‘order id’ and click ‘tracking’ to know about the whereabouts.
Shiprocket follows a simple 4 step procedure. Add your order > Select any of the courier partners > pack your orders > Track from home and even get SMS or email updates.

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