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About Raj Pis Teleconsultation

What is Raj Pis Teleconsultation?

Raj Pis Teleconsultation is a healthcare software that enables its users to provide remote treatment consultation to their patients in an accurate manner. The software can be used by patients, doctors, and paramedical staff to share and update patient-related information with ease. It is powered by the latest technologies that ensure full security of all patient and doctors related data. The data is stored within Linux based local or on cloud servers. By using Raj Pis Teleconsultation, users can digitize and automate their workflow and entire documentation process, making it more convenient for the patients. 

How is Telemedicine PIS useful for users?

Telemedicine PIS is the android application of Raj Pis Teleconsultation. The app is specifically designed to help the doctors and patients of a particular hospital, nursing home, or clinic. The main aim of the app is to reach out to the patients who cannot get adequate medical help due to physical, economical or geographical conditions. Most importantly, patients using this app can get access to their medical information at any time from any place, using their smartphones or other compatible devices. Telemedicine tool PIS provides quick help, thus saving its user’s time and travel costs as well. 

Pricing of Raj Pis Teleconsultation

The pricing of Raj Pis Teleconsultation is available at the request of interested buyers. You can request a callback from our product experts, who will provide you with all kinds of support regarding activation and license renewals.

Compatible platforms of Raj Pis Teleconsultation

Raj Pis Teleconsultation is compatible with Windows, Android smartphones, and tablets. The data in the helathcare software solution is stored in various Linux, cloud, and internet servers. 

Benefits of using Raj PIS Teleconsultation

  1. The software can be integrated with several clinical measurements and diagnostic devices, making it easy and convenient for the doctors to provide virtual consultation to their patients.
  2. Raj Pis Teleconsultation enables its users to generate Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of the patient along with IP charts or OP charts. 
  3. Users can manage all the information of patients in a hassle-free manner using the intuitive platform provided by the software.
  4. Raj Pis Teleconsultation can be integrated with external barcode scanning devices, enabling its users to scan barcodes and QR codes in a hassle-free manner.
  5. One can use the software to reduce their carbon footprints and thus generate and share documents on an online basis.
  6. Admins can assign permission to edit, add, delete and view patient related documents based on their designation.

Sold By : Raj InfotechBiz Solutions

Get Raj Pis Teleconsultation support 30 Chatting right now

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Raj Pis Teleconsultation Features

With Raj Pis Telecommunication, users can manage their patient’s registration process including ID card printing and doctor wise categorizing in an online manner.
Users can fix, cancel or reschedule the appointments with doctors. They can also send email or SMS confirmation to their patients in real-time.
Raj Pis Teleconsultation sends in alerts and notifications to its users regarding important information about their patients.
Patients can get consultation from the doctor of their choice using the inbuilt audio and video calling feature of the software.
The software records all the data regarding patients in a detailed manner. Thus, enabling its users to access the medical history of their patients with ease.
Raj Pis Teleconsultation is equipped with an advanced voice recognition tool that can understand the command given by its user over speech.
The software is equipped with an investigation module that enables users to conduct further investigation on things like the origin of a disease, fatality rate, etc.
Users can generate digital prescriptions, get them signed by their doctor and get printouts and link them with medical stores in real-time.
Raj Pis Teleconsultation is integrated with various payment gateways that enable its users to receive and make payments in a hassle-free manner.
With Raj Pis Teleconsultation users can generate patient wise lab test result reports and attach them with the concerned patients or doctors in real-time.

Get Raj Pis Teleconsultation support30 Chatting right now

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Raj Pis Teleconsultation Specifications


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Raj Pis Teleconsultation FAQs

The software sends real-time reminders or updates to individual doctors and patients through emails or text messages. Further, patients are also notified when their appointment is confirmed with the doctor of their choice.
Yes, users can keep track of their inventory and keep a check on the sales of medicines, their expiry date and the ones which are in demand.
Yes, Techjockey does provide an online demo for Raj Pus Teleconsultation. You need to send us a demo request stating a particular date and time.
The software allows its users to integrate with labs, pharmacies, and specialist doctors for better and smooth functionality.
Yes, Raj Pis Teleconsultation has a dedicated android app to resolve patient-centric issues in real-time. It is known as the Telemedicine PIS App.

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