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Phyzii Pharma Crm logo
Phyzii Pharma Crm logo
Phyzii Pharma Crm logo
Phyzii Pharma Crm logo
Phyzii Pharma Crm logo
Phyzii Pharma Crm logo
Phyzii Pharma Crm logo
Phyzii Pharma Crm logo
Phyzii Pharma Crm logo
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Phyzii Pharma Crm

Sold by : Cirrius Technologies Pvt


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About Phyzii Pharma Crm

What is Phyzii Pharma CRM?

Developed by Cirrius technology, Phyzii Pharma CRM solution is a highly interactive real-time customer relationship management software. It is developed for startups, SME’s, agencies and enterprises. This software not only helps in the production and sales processes but also controls the sales cycle. With Phyzii pharma CRM, you can get your medical representatives empowered for effective salesforce management.

How Does Phyzii Pharma Help in Business?

Phyzii Pharma allows you to engage directly with physicians and get personalized info on medical data and services alongside having marketing automation. It helps you make strategic decisions with accurate report management. The hosting is done on Microsoft Azure with a SaaS module, making the solution highly scalable and robust. This application tracks sales and inventory stocking, along with predictive analysis.

It helps in the smooth flow of systemized activities starting from order processing and distribution to detailing, planning, and reporting. It also allows patient management which encourages a healthy business relation. This platform serves as a filter to target the right audience for the organization in one place.

How Does Phyzii Pharma Help in Lead Generation?

The Phyzii Pharma CRM also regulates physician and campaign management with the help of which organizations can easily keep track of the ad campaigns running presently. It allows lead generation and also manages mass email marketing along with many other features such as customer database, multi-channel communication, product database, and real-time analytics.

This platform is highly intuitive, has a user-friendly interface that allows the end-users to adapt to it quickly. Its cloud-first technology provides the highest level of security, as keeping surveillance over confidential information is essential.

Latest Version of Phyzii Pharma CRM

The newest version of Phyzii Pharma CRM is compatible with all types of pharmaceutical business outlets such as dispensaries, hospitals, and pharmacies to provide ease of access while functioning. The application software is user-friendly and cloud-based, providing full support in elasticity and scalability of the organization. It helps manage your firm efficiently by providing accurate results.

Phyzii Pharma CRM Software Price

The market value of this software depends upon the business goals of the organization. You can request a callback after filling up a basic requirement form to get a quote and to discuss the terms of the licence agreement. 

Sold By : Cirrius Technologies Pvt

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Phyzii Pharma Crm Features

The software provides position-based listing, auto segmentation and customer profiling. You can also conduct customer surveys and decide on your course of action through network mapping and action points.
Phyzii Pharma CRM software helps with accurate business planning, takes stock of the primary and secondary sales and also offers a prescription tracker. Users can manage their intervention workflow and track their sales campaigns.
Phyzii Pharma CRM is so designed that it effectively manages call planning and reporting, attendance and leaves. It automates expenses and manages a sample inventory
The software comes with segment playlist, promotogram and page sequence for enhancing interaction to get more effective physician calls. Phyzii comes equipped with both locked as well as campaign pages.
Phyzii Pharma CRM offers online content, allows personalization and quick navigation for better customer management. The software has inbuilt reference content for your employees to address customers confidently.
This software offers segment promotion, brand facetime and allows content improvement. It also helps with the maintenance of sequence.
It plugs into the enterprise ecosystem to provide better results to the particular pharmacy.
The software is highly secure and scalable as all the information is stored over AWS Cloud.
In order to make informed decisions, Phyzii Pharma CRM provides insightful analytics that helps gain real-time data about the progress of various operations, thus helping to improve results.
Phyzii Pharma CRM ensures business on the go with its app for Android as well as iOS platforms.

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Phyzii Pharma Crm Specifications


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Phyzii Pharma Crm FAQs

A. With closed-loop marketing, you can have more interactive sessions with physicians. It allows you to track every action and reaction of the digital detailing process.
A. Phyzii pharma is compatible with standard platforms like Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Blackberry and Web.
A. Phyzii Pharma CRM software provides the users with analytical reports and insights in real-time, and allows organisations to take actions.
A. You can manage on-boarding, assessment, development, attendance and other processes to develop your talent pool.
A. Suppliers can maintain their supply chain by engaging with distributors and pharmacies, and carrying out transactions effectively.

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