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About Paysquare

What is Paysquare?

Paysquare payroll services are important to manage all important payroll and HR software functions in the office. It controls all the payroll calculations of the office and meets mandatory statutory compliance. Paysquare’s high-class security offers absolute confidentiality in payroll. It prevents any kind of leaks or data theft. 

Paysquare payroll maintains 100% accuracy in payroll management software functions, as it accounts for leaves and absences. Paysquare offers the most accurate and punctual payroll consistently. It offers a self-service portal for employees and HR admins to manage the information. Employees can see all their required personal data such as leaves, PF statement, ESICS, et cetera. HR admins have access to other important features such as transaction and salary-related data. 

Paysquare acts as a one-stop solution for your HR necessities. With a decade long experience in the HRMS market, they provide top-notch solutions to ease your HR staff’s work. Along with processing payroll, Paysquare also assists with tax filing, generating tax reports and meeting statutory compliances. It serves the payroll needs of start-ups, mid-size enterprises and large businesses alike. 

Features of Paysquare

  1. Payroll Management: Paysquare equips your HR staff with end-to-end payroll outsourcing services. It calculates the salary for every employee in the organization and facilitates transparent employee communication while safeguarding your organization’s complete confidentiality. 
  2. Leave Management: Paysquare offers to leave and attendance management system to your employees to experience a faster and hassle-free way to streamline leave and attendance management system.
  3. Accounting Management: Take care of all the accounting and bookkeeping activities in your office with Paysquare. It helps with bookkeeping and the maintenance of detailed MIS accounting data. Paysquare accounts for vendors’ payment, bank reconciliation statements, financial consolidations. 
  4. Document Management: Paysquare saves all the critical data of an employee in its system for future reference and checking. It helps you to identify any counterfeiting attempts by recruits. It saves data such as the recent image of the employee, college and school certificates, past job letters, work experience certificates, et cetera. 

Other Important Features of Paysquare

Along with payroll services, Paysquare also assists organizations with the following functions: 

  1. Internal Payroll Management
  2. Resource Management
  3. Income Tax Returns

Benefits of Paysquare Payroll Services

Paysquare payroll services can help any organization get rid of payroll hassles and focus on their core competencies. Paysquare offers the following benefits: 

  1. Flexibility in payroll processing
  2. Simplifies complicated pay logic
  3. On-time payroll processing
  4. Reduced costs of managing payroll
  5. Enhanced data security

Popular Paysquare Solutions

Paysquare understands unique payroll challenges across businesses of all sizes to offer their personalized payroll services: 

  1. Paysquare for SME/startups
  2. Paysquare for mid-sized enterprises
  3. Paysquare for large enterprises

Paysquare Pricing

Paysquare pricing varies on different factors, such as the size of your business, services you opt for and modules required. To know more about the price, please request a callback. Our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

Sold By : Paysquare Consultancy Limited

Get Paysquare support 35 Chatting right now

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Paysquare Features

Paysquare provides your HR team the ability to save all your employee details in one place. This feature also helps you to establish an employees’ work profile that will ease off tax filings, PF records, and other financial details.
Paysquare offers cutting-edge tools to record the attendance of your workforce with zero inconveniences. It also accounts for unplanned leaves. Paysquare helps maintain your employees’ timesheet seamlessly.
Paysquare enables your HR staff with a sophisticated tool that records the salary for every employee by accounting their leaves and absents.
Generate pay slips for all the salaries generated in the organization timely. Send play slip to employees timely through email.
Paysquare complies with all the labor laws and regulations with regards to payroll management. It minimizes the organizational risk and eases the computation involved with it.
Employees can check for the leaves and avail it accordingly from the Paysquare system only. It gives a detailed analysis of what kind of leave employees are left with at any given time. Paysquare makes leave management easy for both, employers and employees. 
The self service portal of Paysquare is web-based and ensures secure login for employees and employers. Important data related to payroll, tax computation and performance reports can be accessed securely with authorized logins. 

Get Paysquare support35 Chatting right now

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Paysquare Specifications


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Paysquare FAQs

A. Paysquare is available for demo, it is also available for free trial. To avail any of the two please request a call, our sales team will get in contact with you as soon as possible.
A. Paysquare is used in any organization that needs to manage its employee leave, attendance and payroll. This includes large enterprises, SMEs, Startups, etc.
A. Paysquare is a web-based tool that can be accessed with a web browser. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements for Paysquare.
A. Paysquare MyPayroll app is available for both iPhones and Android. You can download MyPayroll from the app store of your respective mobile phone.
A. Paysquare is a cloud-type software and takes no place in your system. It makes workflow simple.
A. It allows online tax computation using a simulated tax sheet and simple tax declaration forms.
A. Paysquare employee self service portal provides access to tax sheet, payslip and reimbursement details.
A. You can take free online demo to find out if Paysqaure serves your organizational needs.

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