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About Oreka TR

What is Oreka TR?

Oreka TR is a call recording software for contact centers, VoIP providers and other communication providers. You can also capture audio of someone for speech analysis and voice biometrics. It aims at offering simplified and redefined recording solutions for its users.

Some of the things you can do with Oreka Audio Capture are:

  1. Augment the existing recording solution
  2. Leverage third party analytical solution
  3. Get audio and metadata access.

Some of the PBX partners of Oreka TR are Asterisk, Avaya, VICIdial, Metaswitch, Cisco, etc. It is totally GDPR compliant and easy to use. The call recording feature of this software helps one to improve communication with clients or customers and increase business profitability. This call recording software finds wide applicability across millions of users spread over 190+ countries. The latest version of Oreka TR is Oreka 1.7.

Why should users opt for Oreka TR?

OrecX offers an easily maintainable and usable call recording software, Oreka TR. Some of its unique features include:

  1. It is modular and scalable, which means it can perform under any amount of work pressure.
  2. The software is offered across both open-source and open-platform formats, which implies that it is cost-effective, flexible and agile, and also ensures data security.
  3. Oreka TR is easy-to-install and there are no additional costs for installation.

Pricing of Oreka TR

The price of Oreka TR is available on the request of customers. It is totally customizable. You can connect with our product experts through the “request a callback” option. We will provide assistance regarding the cost and renewal of your chosen plan, activation and license key.

How Is Oreka TR Useful for BPOs?

Oreka TR provides scalable and affordable contact center solutions for BPOs, allowing them to deliver the best services to their clients. This call recording and monitoring software help you to stay ahead of your rivals by virtue of a number of ‘open’ capabilities provided by its inbuilt tools. You can use the software to work anytime and anywhere without any proprietary hindrances. Some of the noteworthy points are:

  1. Open Recording Architecture
  2. Complete software customization with Open APIs (Web 2.0)
  3. The best practices of Open Standards - High Availability and Scalability
  4. Data Ownership through the Open Data Model of the software
  5. Database Agnostic, Server and Operating System.

Compatible Platforms of Oreka TR

The software is exclusively available for Windows OS and runs on Desktop.

Sold By : OrecX

Get Oreka TR support 25 Chatting right now

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Oreka TR Features

Oreka TR is a free open-source call recording software that can retrieve and capture calls through its inbuilt browser-based interface. It has an open source code and allows metadata to be stored in the mainstream database.
Users can evaluate an agent’s call based on certain key factors like activities and behaviours, to identify positive agent activities and the areas that need improvement. You can also communicate the same to them and measure results over the time.
The software offers total call recording for its users to capture 100% of the customer calls at half the price. It offers comprehensive call recording solutions, including screen and mobile phone recording, live monitoring, multi-tenancy, call exporting, etc.
 The total call recording feature of the software allows you to enjoy all the call recording capabilities that you need to retain your clients. These include on-demand recording, auto-tagging (for speech analytics), multi-site recording, call exporting and retention management.
The software helps in speech analytics to improve contact centre efficiency, customer experience, sales effectiveness and the overall performance management. Using the voice biometrics analytical feature of Oreka TR, you can identify voices, detect frauds and perform real-time automation. The software also assists in phrase-spotting.
The total call recording feature of Oreka TR enables one to enjoy the rich benefits of call recording, which includes screen recording, audit trail, live monitoring, retention management, phrase-spotting, etc. This feature turns the screen output to an interactive video to promote a particular product by demonstrating its features.

Get Oreka TR support25 Chatting right now

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Oreka TR Specifications


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Oreka TR FAQs

A. Yes, our technical team will provide you with a live demo of Oreka TR.
A. You can capture the complete interaction with your clients and get a 360-degree replay of the same. One can assess the top agent skills and performers and retrieve the desktop recordings that he or she needs.
A. ? OS: Windows 64 bit ? Hard Drive: High-speed Hard Drive (7200 RPM or faster) ? Virtualization: Yes ? Storage: Count 1.6 KBytes per second of recorded audio in GSM or any default format.
A. Every call made by your staff is stored over the cloud for future replay to solve any dispute. Based on the IP address provisioning, one can implement cloud call recording. Some of the solutions offered by the software along with the cloud recording feature are, 100% call capture, live monitoring, call tagging, audit trail, call exporting, flexible cloud-based storage, etc. You can also search and categorize your recordings.
A. No, there isn’t any mobile app version of Oreka TR as it is exclusively supported on Windows and runs on desktop only.

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