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Oracle Taleo

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About Oracle Taleo

What is Oracle Taleo?

Oracle Taleo is a cloud-based HR software for midsize organisations, offering a wide variety of tools with which they can assess, screen and hire the best talents for their organisations. Enterprises can market their job openings across various social media platforms and other sourcing channels ensuring wider reach. The software allows candidates to send in a job application through their LinkedIn profile or resume. Moreover, companies can incorporate quick assessment questions to sort out real talents in an efficient manner.

How does Oracle Taleo help in speeding the hiring process?

Companies can automate their entire hiring procedure using the following features offered by Oracle Taleo.

  1. Administrative Control: Organisations can offer customised onboarding experience to the new hires using tailor-made web portals equipped with customised forms or pre-bundled packages.
  2. E-Forms and E-Signatures: Oracle Taleo offers a wide variety of electronic forms that can be used to collect significant information about the new hires. Moreover, candidates can also upload their e-signatures on the forms. Companies can use dual e-signature programmes to ensure two-way authentication and to make sure that the forms are signed by actual candidates.
  3. Consolidated Emails: Enterprises can schedule email reminders for the completion of onboarding tasks. They can make a choice between one email per day, separate emails for an individual item within an onboarding package or choose a consolidation of multiple tasks within a single view.

Pricing of Oracle Taleo

The pricing of Oracle Taleo is available on request. You can request for a callback for further information and our in-house product experts will get in touch with you.

Benefits of Oracle Taleo

  1. Instant Shortlist: Recruiters can easily screen out the most talented candidate by using assessment capabilities, quick search filters and advanced search options offered by the software.
  2. Applicant Monitoring and Compliance: Business houses can schedule a fully scalable, consistent and legal selection process to recruit individual candidates. This way, they can also ensure reduced exposure to lawsuits, reduction in administrative costs and proper protection of government contracts.
  3. Proven Integration: Oracle Taleo offers a wide variety of integration tools, allowing the enterprises to plugin contents and solutions from 100+ certified partners and use them for background checks, assessments, tax screening, employment branding, drug screening etc.
  4. Management of Interviews and Offers: Recruiters can easily find out appropriate information about an individual candidate, conduct interviews and make a job offer to them using the wide variety of intuitive tools offered by the software.

Sold By : Oracle

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Oracle Taleo Features

Oracle Taleo offers an engaging user interface, enabling organisations and their HR teams to speed up their hiring process and recruit the most appropriate talent.
With Oracle Taleo, enterprises can market their vacancy modules across multiple sourcing channels and social media platforms to enhance their reach.
Organisations can generate applicant-specific workflows and customize them as per their recruitment needs.
The software helps the organisations in modernizing their hiring process and complement it with coaching and conversations with the selected candidates.
Business houses can make use of employee referrals and marketing tactics to hire new talent and get them on board in a hassle free manner.
Enterprises can customize their recruiter workflows, data definitions and reporting procedure to strategically manage their requisition schedule.
The software has a dedicated mobile app, which facilitates quick hiring decisions by allowing the managers to connect with individual candidates at any time and any place.

Get Oracle Taleo support13 Chatting right now

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Oracle Taleo Specifications


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Oracle Taleo FAQs

A. Yes, enterprises can customize their candidate portals, creating an engaging career site to attract passive candidates and get them on board in a hassle-free manner.
A. The software presents a wide variety of customizable templates that can be used to send job offers to the deserving candidates in a secure way and record their acceptance.
A. Yes, you can send in a demo request for Oracle Taleo, our customer care executives will get back to you as per your preferred time schedule.
A. Business enterprises can use LinkedIn and Facebook to streamline the entire recruitment procedure.
A. Yes, the software has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

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