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About Oracle Flexcube

What is Oracle FLEXCUBE?

Oracle FLEXCUBE is a banking solution which helps banks meet real-time, online operational requirements. It helps in modernizing a bank’s core system to boost its efficiency and transform it to an agile, intuitive, and well-connected bank. The software enables banks to kickstart a digital transformation to ensure they have all the tools and capabilities to stay in business with a competitive advantage and relevance. The banking software creates an instinctive experience for bank employees so that they can deliver the best guidance and financial advice to customers. 

Oracle FLEXCUBE provides multi-dimensional insights, dashboards, and reports which gives the bank managers a 360-degree visibility into the daily activities of the bank. This helps banks to drive personalized customer engagement at scale. In addition to all this, Oracle FLEXCUBE provides highly customized and configurable functionalities to instantly solve customer requests.

What are the benefits of using Oracle FLEXCUBE core banking software? 

Here are some key benefits of using Oracle FLEXCUBE banking software: 

  1. The banking software assists in driving growth with the customer centric approach. 
  2. It helps bank employees to enhance their efficiency, productivity and customer focus. 
  3. The software establishes a faster time-to-market for new service launches. 
  4. It enables a customized transformation with help of first-rate pre-integrated solutions or breed point. 
  5. Bankers are provided a well defined and connected architecture which facilitates collaboration. 
  6. This banking software allows API commercialization and open banking. 

What are the features offered by Oracle FLEXCUBE baking management software? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Oracle FLEXCUBE: 

  1. Online digital engagement 
  2. Optimized efficiency 
  3. Multi-dimensional agility 
  4. Improved connectivity 
  5. Over 1600+ APID services 
  6. 2019 SWIFT -certified application for compliance with messaging and connectivity standards
  7. Plug and play for quick deployment 

What is the price for Oracle FLEXCUBE download? 

The price of Oracle FLEXCUBE varies based on the size and operational requirements of your bank. Please request a call back for more details.

Sold By : Oracle

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Oracle Flexcube Features

This banking software allows banks to create an online portal to take customer requests online.
Bank managers can use this solution to manage large enterprise-scale corporate banking activities such as providing credit, cash management, etc.
The software supports international currency for seamless operation.
Banks can deploy this software across multiple locations for streamlined operations.
This bank management software adheres to all the industry guidelines to ensure that all the data is safe while sharing.
The software ensures seamless transaction for customers while withdrawing or submitting their money.
Oracle FLEXCUBE provides improved process efficiency and customized transformation strategies for banks to reduce their overall working risk.
Bankers can use this software to provide the best in-class customer management services, such as taking up service requests instantly, tracking, appointment management, etc.
This bank management software offers an easy to use interface which allows bankers to instantly deploy it for daily working.
The software keeps every customer’s financial details completely confidential.

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Oracle Flexcube Specifications


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Oracle Flexcube FAQs

Yes, Oracle FLEXCUBE offers a special feature called “FLEXCUBE testing” which allows you to conduct tests before final deployment.
The newest updates of Oracle FLEXCUBE include blockchain to provide an added level of security.
Yes, Oracle FLEXCUBE offers a multilingual interface for the bank employees.
Oracle FLEXCUBE is used on a global scale; it offers multi-branch licenses for users who wish to grow their business. It has encoded the compliance requirements for different banking systems across the world. Bankers who seek to operate on foreign soil need not to worry regarding the compliance as Oracle FLEXCUBE takes care of it.
Please request a call at Techjockey to get an online demo for Oracle FLEXCUBE at your preferred time.

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