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About NuSmart HRMS

What is NuSmart HRMS? 

NuSmart HRMS is a human resource management software powered by Oracle technologies. The software allows companies to manage their workforce smartly. It is popular for its integrated payroll and leave management features for employees to meet all the statutory and management requirements. This HRMS software also helps in optimization of the tasks by enabling operational accuracy to decrease costs and increase efficiency. NuSmart HRMS provides its services to a wide variety of organizations from small & medium enterprises to MNCs, even including fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

NuSmart HRMS software has pioneered the result-focused instructive approach to enhance the business performance. This HRIS software provides compliance with payroll regulations of various international countries to ensure that companies with international branches are operating seamlessly.

NuSmart HRMS Software Benefits?

Here are some major benefits of using NuSmart HRMS software:

  1. NuSmart HCM software is built on SuiteCloud platform for Netsuite users.
  2. The human resource management solution offers a quick and easy master setup.
  3. This human resource management software shortens the time required for calculating and processing payroll for the entire workforce.
  4. It provides dashboards for all the employees based on their designation. This helps employees accessing the analytical reports as per their requirements.

What are the features offered by NuSmart HRMS software? 

Here are some key features offered by NuSmart HRMS software:

  1. Employee database management
  2. Daily duty shift and attendance roster 
  3. Payroll management
  4. Leave management
  5. Employee asset management
  6. Loan management 
  7. Employee time tracking 

NuSmart HRMS HRIS software Price?

The price of NuSmart HRMS varies on factors like the size of your workforce, modules required, customizations, etc. Please request a call for further price related details.

Sold By : Nuvista Technologies

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NuSmart HRMS Features

This HRMS software allows organizations to create a detailed employee database and monitor their activities to helps them grow.
Employees can apply for leaves and check their leave balance from NuSmart HRMS software.
HR Teams can calculate and generate salaries of the entire workforce working in all the branches, both national and international.
The software can record an Employee’s actual in and out timings.
This HCM solution allows employees to file for loan and advance salaries as per the office guidelines.
This software helps HR teams to calculate the track the time employee spends in office working.
NuSmart HRMS software provides a dashboard for every employee in the office to track their workflow analytics.
The HRIS software generates robust and detailed reports for organizations to understand their performance and areas where they can improve.
HR teams can generate payslips for the salary delivered in the given month for their employees.
This HRMS software gives managers and business owners detailed visibility into their employee’s performance.

Get NuSmart HRMS  support31 Chatting right now

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NuSmart HRMS Specifications


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NuSmart HRMS integrates payroll guidelines for the following countries: 1. Singapore 2. India 3. Malaysia 4. UAE
NuSmart HRMS uses Oracle cloud infrastructure to save all the employee-related information.
Yes, the software provides enhanced HR localization to ensure that organizations can handle their global workforce.
NuSmart HRMS supports GPS location monitoring for time in and time out functions.
Yes, NuSmart HRMS is available for a demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.

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