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NoBrokerHood is a visitor management system that helps in keeping residential properties or communities safe. It offers security management services and improves the security standards around the gated community. You can manage visitors, staffs, guests or even manage complaints from one single syst... Read more

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NoBrokerHood Software Overview

What is NoBrokerHood?

NoBrokerHood is a visitor management system that helps in keeping residential properties or communities safe. It offers security management services and improves the security standards around the gated community. You can manage visitors, staffs, guests or even manage complaints from one single system. With NoBrokerHood’s world-class technology, you can make your daily life secure and convenient.

It offers you multiple security and community management solutions like SOS Alerts, visitor management, maintenance and bill payments and even accounting solutions. You can monitor who comes in and who goes out of your house, or if your children are safe, you can do everything with NoBrokerHood. Be at peace knowing that your family is in safe hands. This is exactly what NoBrokerHood offers to you and your family, an assurance of security. With NoBrokerHood’s security and visitor management system, you can visualize a safe environment for your loved ones. 

Why Families Choose NoBrokerHood Security and Visitor Management System?

Your society needs a security system that is fool-proof and gives you the comfort of trusting the place you live in. Hence, to get your hands on such a service, it is essential to know what it offers:

  1. Two-Day Installation - NoBrokerHood installs its security management system in your society within 48 hours and gives a demo to the security guards and residents.
  2. Low Investment - There are no periodic maintenance or any hidden charges. Once you have installed the NoBrokerHood security and visitor management system, you’re good to go. 
  3. Fast and Simple Platform - Thanks to its user-friendly interface, anyone, and everyone can learn to operate it.

NoBrokerHood Security and Visitor Management System is Technologically Advanced 

With the ever-evolving world around us, we also know how the security systems are also always developing. It is imperative for any society or residential complexes to have a security management system that offers round the clock, fool-proof security service. With NoBrokerHood, you get a speedy installation within 48 days and every process has been digitized to keep you updated with today’s security norms and challenges. The residents are always engaged and informed about important notices and social events with digital and paperless communications.

Additionally, you can digitally manage your staff and vendors by allotting them specific time slots to enter and exit the residential building. Also, for making it easier for people with the language barrier, NoBrokerHood offers multiple language options and leaves no room for any hesitation or discomfort.

Pricing of NoBrokerHood Security and Visitor Management Solution

To know more about the pricing and product options, email us at sales@techjockey.com or click the button below.

NoBrokerHood Plans & Pricing

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NoBrokerHood Features

Visitor Management

You can easily track your visitors, deliveries, and cabs whether you are inside the society or not.

Domestic Staff Management

You will be notified the moment your domestic staff enters into the premises. You can automatically maintain their attendance and

Communication management

You can discuss about society, make announcements, and receive alerts to stay updated with society related information.

Maintenance and Utility Bill Payments

With NoBrokerHood, it is easy to make payments and track them from the app. You can even keep an eye on when your payments are

Safety Management

This security management system comes with a special SOS button to alert your security guards to come and rescue you immediately.

Complaint Management

Resolve your complaints within the app itself. As soon as you raise a complaint, the society manager is notified instantly and

Billing & Accounting

Everything related to society’s finances can be managed with NoBrokerHood’s society management system.

Residents & Apartments Management

You can manage all apartments and society residents at one single place.

Amenities Management

You can monitor the classes and amenities from NoBrokerHood’s society management dashboard that allows your control over usage

Admin App

You can manage day-to-day society operations easily with NoBrokerHood’s admin app.

User-friendly and Intuitive Guard App

To make it easier for anyone to use this security and society management app, it comes in multiple languages. Hence, your

NoBrokerHood Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows iOS Android MacOS Windows(Phone)
  • DesktopMobileiPad
  • Web-Based
  • Real Estate, Tax, Visitor
  • Real Estate
  • English

NoBrokerHood FAQ

A. Yes, someone who wants to have a safe, secure, and well managed society, they choose NoBrokerHood’s visitor and society management system.
A. Yes, NoBrokerHood’s society management system has already been chosen by numerous societies for their security and well-being.
A. No, NoBrokerHood’s security and visitor management is only reserved for the societies that have associated with NoBrokerHood.
A. NoBrokerHood’s Visitor and Security Management tool offers services from training the staff members and security team to addressing the resident queries.
A. Yes, to ensure the safety and security of the residents, NoBrokerHood’s visitor and security management app works 24x7.

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