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Neustar DDoS Attack Protection

by : Neustar

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Brand: Neustar

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Neustar DDoS Attack Protection Software Overview

About Neustar DDoS Attack Protection

Distributed Denial of Service attacks is growing in size, malice and complexity. To protect against any cyberattacks, Neustar SiteProtect NG offers DDoS mitigation worth 11.8+ Tbps. It enables users to maintain their online presence and reduce the chances of theft. Neustar DDoS Attack Protection web application firewall is of great help to the marketers, as it allows the right messages to be sent to the right people and at the right time through its state-of-the-art data analytics and modeling feature. The software also aids users to control their online identity, registration and protection of their domain name, routing traffic to the correct network address. 

How does Neustar DDoS Attack Protection provide Cloud-Based DDoS Protection?

Neustar DDoS Attack Protection is capable of stopping the most massive cyber-attacks and keeping your infrastructure protected. The software provides cloud-based DDoS protection through DNS Redirection.

DNS Redirection: If a DDoS attack hits your website, the best option is to redirect your traffic via the UltraDDoS Protect Cloud. You can do it through a quick DNS change. It doesn’t require any special setups and is best for protecting a fewer number of websites and hosts. Following are the ways how DNS Redirection works:

  1. Users can switch DNS Records of any threatened host(s) to the IP address provided by Neustar DDoS Attack Protection.
  2. The traffic flows through UltraDDoS Protected Cloud, where the bad traffic gets filtered by the Neustar Security Operations Center DDoS mitigation professionals. The good traffic flows to the infrastructure of the users.
  3. Once the attack gets warded off, users need to switch their DNS records back to their original IPs.

DNS Redirection is a quick and effective way to stave off DDoS attacks along with customized mitigation. However, you can choose BGP Redirection as well for cloud-based DDoS Protection.

Pricing of Neustar DDoS Attack Protection

The pricing of Neustar DDoS Attack Protection is available on the request of customers. You can send us a callback request.

How does Neustar DDoS Attack Protection provide On-Premises DDoS Protection?

The on-premise solution offered by Neustar DDoS Attack Protection features Arbor Networks equipment for monitoring, local mitigation and management. The Neustar Security Operations Center monitors the threat and staves off attacks by flexibly shifting defenses while the enemy probes your network. Some of the characteristics of On-Premises DDoS Protection are:

  1. Local Mitigation: Neustar DDoS Attack Protection uses the Pravail Protection Availability System from Arbor Networks. Pravail has a capacity of 500 Mbps to 10 Gbps inspected throughput. It is specifically designed to stop layer 4-7 attacks at short notice. 
  2. Cloud Signalling Coalition: The cloud signalling coalition provides an infrastructure to coordinate DDoS mitigation from data centers to the protection cloud of Neustar. This makes Neustar a certified provider of cloud failover integration with on-premise Arbor Networks hardware.
  3. Cloud Failover: The software monitors your appliance along with the available NetFlow Data. It sends in alerts when the appliance reaches its mitigation threshold. It even manages failover to the UltraDDoS Protect Cloud. This is done by BGP or DNS routing. As the attacks unfold, users get access to real-time information through the UltraDDoS Protect Portal and after the attack is warded off, the users get a detailed report of the entire incident and the actions undertaken.

Compatibility of Neustar DDoS Attack Protection

The software runs exclusively on Windows and is available on the desktop version.

Neustar DDoS Attack Protection Features

Web Protection

Neustar DDoS Attack Protection provides a cloud-based, always-on approach to stop the most common and largest cybersecurity

Web Traffic Reporting

Users get access to web-based traffic reports via DNS Redirection where the traffic generated flows through the UltraDDoS Protect

Traffic Detection

DNS Redirection results in traffic flowing through the UltraDDoS Protect Cloud. The bad traffic gets filtered by NSOC DDoS

Cloud Protection

The software provides Cloud-Based DDoS Protection through mainly two processes i.e. DNS Redirection and BGP Redirection. DNS

Mitigation Solution

Neustar DDoS Attack Protection features advanced Arbor Network Equipment. The Neustar Cloud Service provides a strong mitigation

Neustar DDoS Attack Protection Plans & Pricing

Neustar DDoS Attack Protection price is available on request

Looking for pricing details, customization requirements or have other queries? We are just a click away.
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Neustar DDoS Attack Protection Specifications

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  • Windows
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Neustar DDoS Attack Protection

by : Neustar


Neustar DDoS Attack Protection FAQ

A. The on-premise hardware of Neustar DDoS Attack Protection acts immediately and automatically to mitigate any kind of cyber attacks. The managed cloud failover minimizes the chances of any larger attack that might cripple your applications.
A. UltraDDoS Protect Hybrid blends equipment from Arbor Networks and other top providers to protect against all sorts of attacks across your entire web infrastructure.
A. Yes, Techjockey does provide an online demo for Neustar DDoS Attack Protection based on the preferred date and time of the user.
A. In order to provide cyber protection throughout, the software uses the Pravail Protection Availability System from Arbor Networks. Pravail appliances have a capacity of 500 Mbps to 10 Gbps inspected throughput and are built to stave off 4 to 7 attacks immediately. Additionally, it is fine-tuned to the services it defends, thus minimizing the false positives and negatives.
A. No, there isn’t any mobile app for Neustar as of now.

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