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Netbrain software

What is Netbrain?

Netbrain is a network monitoring solution that provides end to end visibility of the entire workflow for faster working. The software offers a robust system that documents the monitoring of thousands of applications simultaneously. This network monitoring solution is designed to reduce a week’s worth of work to mere minutes. IT enterprises can use Netbrain to access an automation platform with the ‘Just in Time’ function enabled. This is a data model of the entire network which offers a foundation for network mapping and runbook automation technology. 

Netbrain provides an adaptable and expandable system to work seamlessly. Companies can scale their network, tools, and workflows as the size of their company grow. Plus, Netbrain network monitoring provides an instant threat assessment feature that allows them to identify and stop any cyberattacks in real-time. The software allows companies to build their IT infrastructure from scratch and keep it up and running without any inconvenience. 

What features does Netbrain offers? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Netbrain: 

  1. Control Plane Modelling 
  2. Dynamic Mapping 
  3. Executable Runbooks 
  4. Platform Expansion 
  5. SDB Support 
  6. Add-on Modules 
  7. Cyberthreat Assessment 
  8. Discovering Complex Data Center 
  9. Documenting the Complex Data Center 
  10. Automated Documentation

Why does IT companies use Netbrain?  

Netbrain network monitoring tools offers an adaptive automation system that helps complete a week’s worth of tasks in a few minutes and leaves the organization to focus on other activities. The software provides a deep understanding of the network’s control plane logic. It uses a patented neighbor-walking algorithm to leverage the utilization of CLI automation, APIs, SNMP, etc.

What is the price of Netbrain? 

The price of Netbrain varies based on the customer requirement and the size of their operations. Please request a call to get an accurate quotation as per your needs. 

Netbrain Features

  • checkbox Modeling Netbrain allows IT enterprises to design and create their entire IT infrastructure with optimal performance. 
  • checkbox Dynamic Map Users of this network monitoring software can map out their network to identify its location and operations in real-time. 
  • checkbox Layout IT companies can create a workflow layout to identify how the network operation tasks will be lined up one after another.
  • checkbox Support The software provides support for users in real-time through online materials. 
  • checkbox Access from anywhere  This network management software is accessible from any location which allows IT teams to work remotely.
  • checkbox User friendly interface The software offers an easy to use interface for quick learning and deployment. 

Netbrain Plans & Pricing

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Netbrain Specifications

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  • Windows
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  • English

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Netbrain FAQ

Q. Can I get a demo for Netbrain? arrow

A. Netbrain offers a demo before purchase for interested customers. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.

Q. Where does Netbrain save all the data? ? arrow

A. This network monitoring software saves all the data on the cloud.

Q. Is Netbrain a cybersecurity solution? arrow

A. No, Netbrain is not a cybersecurity solution but it offers complementary features that enable users to handle security threats.

Q. What other software does Netbrain integrate with? arrow

A. Netbrain integrates with any application that has an API. Some of the most common integrations are monitoring solutions, ticketing systems, SIEM and log management tools.

Q. How can I access Netbrain from remote location? arrow

A. Netbrain offers a web-based application that allows employees to connect with their network from remote location.

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