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Sold by : ATIC Data Systems Limited


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About Mzone

What is Mzone?

Mzone is a fleet management solution designed for logistics teams to monitor their shipment’s location, movement, status, etc. in real-time. The software offers comprehensive fleet monitoring features with in-built geolocation facility for higher efficiency. This fleet management solution improves productivity and reduces operational expenses by streamlining multiple supervision tasks through a single platform. This subsequently results in the overall reduction of transportation charges. Mzone enables logistics companies to schedule routes and optimize fuel usage while ensuring quick delivery. 

Mzone fleet management software assists users in performing a SWOT analysis of their workflow through comprehensive MIS reporting. These reports can be customized further to get generate reports for better analysis of every step of your fleet transportation activity. 

What features does Mzone offer? 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Mzone fleet management software: 

  1. Fleet management tools 
  2. Cost analysis 
  3. Enhanced driver management 
  4. Assets safety 
  5. Real-time information regarding the vehicle’s location
  6. Vehicle behavior 
  7. Telematic details 
  8. Entire fleet monitoring 
  9. Trip replay  
  10. Polling 
  11. Route plotting 
  12. In-built GPS system

What are the benefits of using Mzone? 

  1. Huge decrease in fleet operational expenses 
  2. Allows users to generate customized reports for better workflow analysis 
  3. Reduces fuel usage by route management
  4. Enhances the safety of the fleet 
  5. Schedules routes and optimizes distances. 

What is the price of Mzone? 

The price of Mzone depends on the requirements stated by the customer. Please request a call to get the accurate price quotations based on your necessities. 

Sold By : ATIC Data Systems Limited

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Mzone Features

Mzone allows users to track their vehicle’s location in real-time. 
Logistical companies can track their dispatched fleet and check the route from loading point to dispatch points. 
The software enables logisticians to plan the movement of their fleets and schedule the pickup.
The software can be used to asses the usage of fuel and mileage of the vehicle. 
This fleet management solution generates comprehensive and customizable reports for gathering detailed insights into the daily workflow. 
The software uses RFID sensor to ensure that the data accumulated by the moving fleet is collected and sent to the system in real-time. 
Mzone allows logisticians to assess their vehicle’s performance and measure its resource utilization versus output. 
This is a web-based application that requires no prior installation and enables them to work seamlessly.

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Mzone Specifications


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Mzone FAQs

Mzone provides fleet tracking hardware too, but it has to be purchased separately from the solution. Please request a call for further information.
Mzone uses a cloud-based storage system to save all the fleet data.
All the geolocation data is stored for more than a year. The data can be retrieved from the history any time.
Mzone is available for a demo before purchase for interested buyers. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
Here are the following formats in which Mzone generates reports – PDF, excel, CSV, XML, TIFF, etc.

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