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About MyClassBoard

What is MyClassBoard?

MyClassBoard is one of the best MyClassBoard school management software. It is easy to use, and economically viable as it does not cost much. As a software solution that is designed to take care of most necessary school functions, MyClassBoard offers a lot of interesting features.

MyClassBoard covers the functions of both academic and non-academic staff. It helps manage all your student examinations, assignments, grades, and report cards, among many others with the school grade management module. You can also customize your report card according to your requirements or use the in-built CBSE standard report card.

MyClassBoard also promotes communication between parents and teachers to focus on students’ holistic nourishment. It improves parent-teacher communication with MyClassBoard’s communication module.

MyClassBoard, with its state-of-the-art features, is a fantastic software that is hard to miss.

Features of MyClassBoard

  1. Gradebook: Manage all your students’ details in one place with MyClassBoard’s school grade management software. It takes care of most of your grading related issues. MyClassBoard helps you maintain student profiles that include their examination, results, and other extra-curricular activities. It offers you the option to create customized report cards, and you can maintain grades of every individual student; you can inspect and examine individual student or entire class performance. It also comes with an embedded printing function, that takes care of all your reports, auto-grade conversion, online/offline grades submission.
  2. Communication: MyClassBoard caters to communication between teachers and parents. It provides a communication messenger embedded in the software. It works to eradicate the communication gap between the teachers and parents, and as a reminder system for sending notifications, alerts regarding students’ progress and actions in the class. MyClassBoard’s school communication messenger develops a cohesive and interrupted interaction between school and parents regularly using various of the software.
  3. Administration: MyClassBoard was built to make non-academic staff working smooth and seamless, as the academic one. It takes care of student admission by automizing the process and creating online handling of the admission forms.
  4. Take care of the school’s HR, and Payroll needs with the MyClassBoard HR modules. It is designed to manage the entire employee lifecycle and settle cash expenses. It maintains staff data like recruitment, payroll management, staff leaves management, salary management, and many others.
  5. Library Management: Manage your library with MyClassBoard, handle the entire library data like the number of books, recommendations, et cetera. It also keeps track of books that are lent to the students and the books that are returned.

MyClassBoard Prices

MyClassBoard’s cost varies on factors such as the size of the organization and the number of students among many others. To know more about the price related details please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you.

Sold By : MyClassboard

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MyClassBoard Features

With MyClassBoard manage all your student’s examinations, grades, report cards, et cetera. Maintain uniform reporting of individual students or an entire class.
Teachers can communicate with parents of the student with the embedded text messenger that gives them a simple platform to discuss their student’s growth and progress.
Track all your cashflow with the accounting tool placed in MyClassBoard and work with no difficulties. It helps you to shorten your time on maintaining accounting books. IT also makes it easy for users to gather data for future requirements and tax filings.
MyClassBoard gives you state of the art administration module that tracks students non-academic profile like fees, documentation, bus trip tracking, et cetera.
Non-academic staff can work hassle-free with MyClassBoard’s HR and payroll modules. Settle all the expenses, deliver salaries, maintain seamless workflows; all with the help of MyClassBoard’s HR & payroll module.
Manage your school’s bookshelf with ease. Keep a track of all the books in your library, note recommendations and generate quotations for it. Track the books lent to students and record when they are returned.

Get MyClassBoard support28 Chatting right now

Buy MyClassBoard1124 People added this product in their cart

Call for MyClassBoard demo2325 People requested to call back

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MyClassBoard Specifications


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MyClassBoard FAQs

MyClassBoard is used primarily by schools and colleges. Although, it can be used by educational institutes of all types.
Yes, MyClassBoard works on both tablets and smartphones. It is available for both Android and iPhones.
MyClassBoard is a completely cloud hosted software. It also provides you to download all the necessary data for yourself at your command.
MyClassBoard doesn’t have any specific system requirements as it is a web-based tool. You can access the software with your browser.
Yes, MyClassBoard is available for demo and it can be availed at the request of a call.

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