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About MsgClub Bulk SMS

What is MsgClub?

MsgClub is a bulk message sending software. The application helps business people establish a communication chain between their businesses and customers. The bulk message sending software is great for organizations of all types and sizes. MsgClub can be used for numerous purposes, for example, management of NGOs, political campaigns, office-employee communication, sales follow-ups, customer interaction, and feedback. 

What are the benefits of MsgClub?

MsgClub bulk text sending software brings significant benefits to organizations that use it; here are a few listed below for better acknowledgment:

  1. MsgClub offers an extremely robust API that favors integration with more than 100 different software. It allows you to send system-generated reports through text messages with just a few clicks. 
  2. This bulk message sending software has a user-friendly interface that facilitates the working of a novice. Beginners can get started quickly and start creating personalized messages in a short time. 
  3. MsgClub Bulk message sending software has a quick message sending service. It also generates comprehensive reports on how users are engaging with your messages. 

What is the price of MsgClub? 

MsgClub offers three different plans; these are: 

  1. Bulk SMS Plan – 24 paisa per SMS on average
  2. Voice SMS Plan – 84 paise per voice SMS on average
  3. International SMS Plan – please request for price

Please request a call and state your requirements, and our sales team will provide you with an accurate cost. 

Sold By : MsgClub

Get MsgClub Bulk SMS support 16 Chatting right now

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MsgClub Bulk SMS Features

MsgClub bulk text sending software integrates with regular office applications such as Tally, CompuTax, Marg, Zapier, etc. 
Business personnel can use this software to attract new customers with text message-driven marketing campaigns
This text message software offers great features to gather insights about how customers are responding to the texts. 
Users can schedule mass texts, and the MsgClub system will send it automatically. Text message scheduling can be used for sending festival wishes, announcements, etc. 

Get MsgClub Bulk SMS support16 Chatting right now

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MsgClub Bulk SMS Specifications


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MsgClub Bulk SMS FAQs

MsgClub bulk text sending software has no upper limit for sending text messages. You can add as many phone numbers you prefer and send text in one go.
Yes, MsgClub allows organizations to take responses from the customers for surveying and other purposes
For any license and registration related issue, please request a call or write an email to us at support@techjockey.com. Our customer support team will contact you shortly.
This bulk text message sending software allows only 160 characters.
No, there are no extra charge for follow up messages as it comes under your plan
Yes, MsgClub offers extensions for chrome (and chromium-based browsers) and Firefox.

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