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About Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager

What is Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager?

Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager is an investment management software to supervise all your investments in one place. You can keep track of all your gains, dividends, and interest. It shows you a detailed analysis of your gains by dividing them into different categories such as today’s gains, unrealized, and total.

Moneycontrol portfolio manager allows users to manage their transactions in several ways as well. Manual entry will enable you to make multiple in a single attempt, and it also lets you make broker charges on all entries too. Then there is file upload entry where you can enter all your transaction details from Microsoft excel sheets. Contract note upload entries provide you the ability to upload contract notes from Moneycontrol portfolio manager’s listed broker in PDF format. 

Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager also generates recommendations for investments to its users. The industry experts and trendwatchers provide the recommendations. Moneycontrol portfolio manager also offers alerts on your stocks in real-time. It gives you news updates that will impact your financial status. Moneycontrol Portfolio manager helps you to track, grow, and expand on your investments. 

Features of Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager

Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager provides a lot of features to work on your investments and improvise. Here are a few listed below:

  1. Portfolio Health Check: Compare your portfolio’s performance with other indices for different time frames. Users can also juxtapose individual stocks and mutual funds against benchmark indices. Keep track of all your dividends and manage the history of all the dividends declared by your invested stocks and mutual funds.

  2. Asset Risk: It is a helpful tool for new investors. It provides an estimated account of your financial risk-taking capacity and risk tolerance level. After assessing your risks, Moneycontrol portfolio manager displays an asset allocation for you across different asset classes.

  3. Capital Gains: Get a quick summary of capital gains experienced in the current fiscal and tax status of your investments if diluted today. You can also check for capital gains and tax status for past revenues.

  4. Info & Updates: Get regular financial tips and snapshots of company portfolios. Access the latest quarterly results of stocks in your portfolio along with the growth in sales and net profit. Users are enabled to track their investments in real-time. Moneycontrol portfolio control offers you alerts via mail and SMS on price, volume, block deals, news, views, dividends, and your portfolio net worth.

Price of Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager

Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager is available in three different plans. They are:

1.    Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager 1-month plan for Rs. 99/-
2.    Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager 3-month plan for Rs. 289/-
3.    Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager 1-year plan for Rs. 999/-

Sold By : e-Eighteen

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Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager Features

Moneycontrol portfolio manager provides a newsfeed for you to go through your stock and fund indices.
It makes your investments filing and tracking them easy. You can also compare and check it with the other stocks’ performance. It makes handling of your investment easy.
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Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager Specifications


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Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager FAQs

Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager is available for demo. You can request a call and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest.
Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager works on all platforms. It is available for both android and iPhone.
Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager is web-based software that works on web browser. There are no specific system requirements for running Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager.
Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager has a cloud-based deployment.
No, Moneycontrol Portfolio Manager is available as a monthly, tri-monthly, and yearly subscription-based software.

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