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ManageEngine OS Deployer

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About ManageEngine OS Deployer

What is ManageEngine OS Deployer?

ManageEngine OS Deployer is a solution that automates the task of disk imaging and OS deployment for offices. With a few clicks, IT departments can acquire the disk image of various operating system versions and reconfigure it according to their requirements. The OS monitoring software allows users to deploy OS images across multiple computers in the network spontaneously. 

This OS deployment software enables IT admins with the first-rate OS deployer and imaging system that results in less time and effort. Plus, it reduces the company’s cost on support, training, and maintenance by standardizing one of a kind operating systems across network computers. 

How does ManageEngine OS Deployer work? 

ManageEngine OS Deployer works in three simple steps, these are: 

  1. Creation: Users can utilize the OS Deployer solution to create an OS image online or offline with the help of imaging techniques. 
  2. Customization: Thereafter, administrators can customize the OS image for deployment task based on their designation and department in the company. 
  3. Deployment: Finally, they can start deploying the OS image across multiple computers in real-time using different methods, such as ManageEngine OS Deployer’s authentication passcodes. 

What are the benefits of using ManageEngine OS Deployer? 

Important benefits of using ManageEngine OS Deployer are: 

  1. It centralizes the disk image capturing work for the whole company.
  2. The software offers deployment templates for a variety of tasks and designation that requires easy deployment. 
  3. Users get access to an adjustable OS deployment option. It includes manual deployment, event-driven deployment, scheduled deployment, and much more. 
  4. ManageEngine OS Deployer offers post-deployment customization choices of the operating system, configuration info, application, among many others. 

What features does ManageEngine OS Deployer offer? 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by ManageEngine OS Deployer: 

  1. Image live machine 
  2. Unique OS deployment
  3. Hardware independent deployment 
  4. Customized deployment 
  5. Deploy Oss anywhere 
  6. Multiple boot options 

What is the price of ManageEngine OS Deployer? 

ManageEngine OS Deployer price varies based on customer requirements. Please request a call to get the price quote according to your necessities. 

Sold By : Zoho

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ManageEngine OS Deployer Features

ManageEngine OS Deployer allows users to create disk images of operating system with all the configurations. 
The system deploys a graded OS image to any PC, regardless of model or vendor. ManageEngine OS Deployer spontaneously customizes the required settings. 
The software utilizes modern imaging techniques for quicker and efficient results and does not hamper end user’s productivity. 
 IT administrators can send the single OS disk image to single and multiple computers in real-time to reduce the bandwidth consumption.
Users can use OS deployer to monitor the employees working from remote locations in real-time.
This OS deployment software utilizes advanced deployment features to work quickly and efficiently. And, protect the system from dick failure, system slowdown, etc.
ManageEngine OS Deployer allows users to perform customization in disk imaging for designation-based deployment in real-time. 
IT teams can create a hierarchy for the workflow in the ManageEngine OS Deployer and manage their daily tasks accordingly. 
The software allows users to share network through OS disc images. It saves all the important information and passes it on to the user. 
This OS deployer solution provides multiple booting options to target the computers using ISO, USB, and PXE. 
IT admins can deploy unique OS’s to systems using unique authentication passcodes and getting away with traditional deployment systems. 
ManageEngine OS Deployer can perform both online and offline imaging. 

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ManageEngine OS Deployer Specifications


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ManageEngine OS Deployer FAQs

ManageEngine OS Deployer uses two variety of ports:? 1. Websocket port – 8443 (HTTPS), 8444 (HTTPS) ?2. PXE port – 69, 4011
ManageEngine OS Deployer only supports Windows operating system and Windows Server system.
OS Deployment supports only X86 and X64 WinPE architecture.
ManageEngine OS Deployer is available for demo at Techjockey. Please request a call for scheduling the demo.
ManageEngine OS Deployer is not available for smart phones. Please watch this space for further updates.

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