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About Madgicx

What is Madgicx?

Madgicx is an artificial intelligence-based marketing automation software that enables its users to generate data-driven leads with omnichannel presence. The software facilitates omnichannel ad management with the help of its inbuilt autonomous ad buying capabilities. The creative intelligence feature of Madgicx enables users to optimize ads across various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Google. The software aims at revealing strategic details about all the metrics so that users can align their business KPIs with a suitable advertisement strategy. The data collected by the software enables users to choose the target audience for their product with ease.

How does Madgicx enable users to run successful ad campaigns?

  1. AI-powered creativity - The software provides its users with computer visioning algorithms so that they can evaluate a huge amount of data points and hence choose the right content for the right audience.
  2. Designed for incrementality - The software provides its users with a lot of insights that result in revealing the hidden metrics, and hence, lead them towards making a profitable decision.
  3. Autonomous ad-buying machine - Intelligent algorithms of the software autonomously optimize your account based on your business targets and KPIs.

Pricing of Madgicx

There are 3 pricing plans available for Madgicx. These are:

  1. Monthly Plan: This plan comes for Rs. 3724 per month.
  2. Quarterly Plan: This plan costs Rs. 3344 each month.
  3. Annual Plan: This plan is valued at Rs. 2964 on a monthly basis.

Interested buyers can contact us through the “request a callback” option on our website and our product experts will get back to you quickly.

What are the benefits of using Madgicx?

Some of the benefits of using Madgicx software are:

  1. Automate the process of ad generation - The software allows its users to apply appropriate Facebook advertising strategies that are accompanied by automated rules to improve ROAS, thus saving time and money.
  2. Best target audience with AI - The software enables users to target the right set of audiences by providing them with the right set of strategies for their businesses.
  3. Integrations - The software smoothly integrates with various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, Retargeting, Facebook Advertising, etc. to increase leads.
  4. Automated reporting - Automated reports offered by the software provides its users with a detailed and intuitive performance overview directly in their inbox.

Compatible Platforms of Madgicx

Madgicx is an AI-based software. The operating systems with which the software is compatible are:

  1. Windows 10
  2. Mac OS X 10.10 and higher
  3. Linux: All the operating systems supporting the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers are compatible with the software.

Sold By : Madgicx

Get Madgicx support 27 Chatting right now

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Madgicx Features

The software provides its users with a strategic dashboard that allows them to generate leads from various social media platforms with ease.
The software enables its users to invite their teammates to work on a single project to ensure effective teamwork for enhanced results.
Users can create and customize their campaigns accordingly to meet their requirements and make SEO friendly content with Madgicx. Users can spot the hidden scaling potential, overspending ads, and the causes of differences in performance by virtue of the insightful analytics offered by Madgicx.
 Madgicx software enables users to launch new ad combinations across social platforms and also take complete control over the Facebook marketing strategy.
 The software provides its users with performance data that shows the real growth and impact of their activities in the business, enabling users to make informed decisions accordingly.
The software provides its users with a dedicated mobile app under the same name that is compatible with all Android devices.
Automated reports offered by the software provides its users with rich and detailed performance overviews that enable them to gauge the performance of their businesses.

Get Madgicx support27 Chatting right now

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Madgicx Specifications


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Madgicx FAQs

A. Yes, our technical team will provide an online demo of Madgicx based on your preferable time and date.
A. Yes, the software has a dedicated mobile app and is compatible with all Android devices.
A. The software is equipped with an ROI machine that is suitable for all kinds of advertisers who are involved in brand and product promotion.
A. Yes, the software provides its users with reports concerning the trends in the behavior of the audience who visit their official websites.
A. The software helps its users know the position of their brand on any social media platform through the rich insightful analytics provided.

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