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LMMS Audio Editor

by : Networkredux

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LMMS Audio Editor

by : Networkredux

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Brand: Networkredux

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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LMMS Audio Editor Software Overview

What is LMMS Audio Editor?

LMMS Audio Editor is audio editing software, designed by musicians for musicians. The software enables users to produce high-quality music by arranging samples, synthesizing sounds and combining various features of trackers and sequencers. Users can also use the software to create beats and basslines. It has a 64-channel audio mixer containing certain special effects that can be chained. The application also supports MIDI Keyboards and has a wide range of built-in instruments and effects that are beneficial for the user.

How efficient is the Piano Roll Editor of the Software?

The Piano Roll Editor of the software acts as your main workspace. It helps you to compose and edit harmonies, melodies, audios, etc. This music editing software allows users to manipulate all the selected notes at the same time. A variety of tools are present within the piano editing toolbar that eases out the user’s work. The detuning mode offered by the editor allows users to edit the frequency profile of an individual note, for instruments of various types.

Pricing of LMMS Audio Editor

The pricing of the LMMS Audio Editor is available as per your unique demands. If you are interested in buying this music editing software, you can request for a callback. Our experts will get back to you with custom quotes. In case you are already using the software, you can send us a request for its license renewal.

Compatible Platforms of LMMS Audio Editor

LMMS Audio Editor is compatible with all versions of Linux, Windows and macOS.

Latest Version of LMMS Audio Editor

The latest version of Linux Multimedia Studio was launched on 21-10-2019, Version:1.2.1. Some of its unique features are -

  1. Simple interface- The software allows users to sequence, compose, automate and mix music within a simple platform.
  2. Beat+Bassline Editor- This new feature allows users to seamlessly develop instrumental tracks.
  3. Piano Roll Editor- It allows users to adjust patterns, notes, melodies and chords with ease.
  4. New Mixing Effects- The software has bundled compressors, limiter, distortion, EQ and bass-enhancer, along with bundled graphics and parametric equalizers embedded into it.
  5. Supports all new sets of musical instruments- The latest version of the software includes bundled 32-bit VST, 64-bit VST, Roland TB-303 style monophonic bass synthesizer, along with Native Commodore 64SID microchip and more.

Alternatives of LMMS Audio Editor

Are the features of the LMMS Audio Editor not quite suitable for your particular music editing needs? You can also check out some of its alternatives, like Audacity, Ardour and Logic Pro X.

What are the benefits of using LMMS Audio Editor?

The software offers multiple advanced features that are beneficial for users.

  1. Beat making has become more accessible- The software enables users to create melodies and beats just from their computer. They can arrange samples and mix various sounds with ease.
  2. Ready to use contents- The software offers a bundle of ready-to-use contents. Starting from active plugins to preset samples, and various SoundFonts and VST, everything is present at the user’s fingertips.
  3. Automate Track- This feature adds controlled and advanced variations to your music in real-time. It also enables you to create nice and subtle changes in your sounds over several bars, house music or rhythmically repeated growls, along with other effects.
  4. Preset samples and instrumental settings- The software provides you with lots of preset samples and musical instruments. You can listen to any particular instrument or sample melody before finally applying them in your creation. Once you are sure, you can compile it with your creation by simply dragging and dropping it.

LMMS Audio Editor Features

  • MIDI Editor MIDI Editor of the software allows users to edit their created tracks with ease.
  • Instruments The software offers a wide variety of instruments to its users. They can choose any instrument just by double clicking on it.
  • Audio Editing LMMS Audio Editor provides a number of editing tools and also has an in-built song editing toolbar to enhance your audio editing
  • Audio Recording Users can easily record audio simply by connecting any recording device with their PC or laptop.
  • Soundtracks The software comes with a wide range of tools using which, you can create professional soundtracks with ease.
  • Text-to-Speech LMMS Audio Editor allows users to play audio tracks by making a shift in its pitch on moving the single note upward or downward.
  • Effects The software has a host of built-in effects including bass booster, bit crush, delay, crossover equalizer, amplifier and much

LMMS Audio Editor Plans & Pricing

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LMMS Audio Editor Specifications

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  • Windows MacOS
  • Desktop
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  • English

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LMMS Audio Editor FAQ

Q. Does LMMS Audio Editor allow users to import files? arrow

A. Yes, the software allows users to import MIDI files and other Hydrogen project files into their system.

Q. How efficient is the Beat+Basline editor of LMMS Audio Editor? arrow

A. The Beat+Bassline editor is the main window used for sequencing rhythms and repetitive musical lines within LMMS Audio Editor. It allows users to make changes in all their tracks simultaneously.

Q. Can I get a demo of LMMS Audio Editor? arrow

A. Yes! We do offer live demo sessions to our customers. If you are interested, you can request for LMMS Audio Editor demo as per your time and convenience.

Q. What are the system requirements of LMMS Audio Editor? arrow

A. ? Processor: Intel Core i3-1005G1 ? RAM: Minimum 4GB RAM

Q. Is there a mobile app version of LMMS Audio Editor? arrow

A. Currently, the software is not available in mobile versions.

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