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About LiteManager

What is Lite Manager? 

Lite Manager is a remote access software build for domestic and office usage. The software allows users to either connect or provide access to a remote PC for various workflow reasons. The remote access software facilitates access of PCs across global and local networks. Users are offered a secure and fast access to computers in real-time mode and backs TCP/IP type of connections through LAN or WAN. 

Lite Manager is portable and easy to use. The software provides users with features for network administration. E.g., users can access their client’s computer file system, conduct services and process, remotely launch programs, reboot the PC, capture audio from remote PC,  lock the PC, and much more. Lite Manager does not calls for heavy system requirements such as Nvidia graphic card etc.  to deliver HD screen sharing in real-time. 

How to use Lite Manager? 

Users can connect to other PCs via remote access and support through the internet in a few seconds. Here is a step by step guide as to how to do it: 

  1. Step 1: Install Lite Manager on the PC and after installation open the software. Start the server and select the option “Connect by ID”.
  2. Step 2: A small dialogue box will open, enter the desired ID that the client will provide in the required place and click on the “Connect” option. (The system generates ID on its own) 
  3. Step 3: The connection is established and users can work as required. 

What are the features offered by Lite Manager? 

Here are some features offered by Lite Manager: 

  1. Security and data protection 
  2. Program installation and update
  3. Desktop video recording 
  4. Drag and drop files and folders 
  5. Callback connection technology
  6. Network technology map
  7. Supporting several displays or terminal sessions simultaneously. 

What is the price of Lite Manager?

Lite Manager prices are available on request. Please request a call for further inquiries regarding the software.

Sold By : LiteManagerTeam

Get LiteManager support 31 Chatting right now

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LiteManager Features

The software facilitates complete control of desktop from remote locations. 
Teacher tools is specifically designed for school usage where teachers can create tests and add questions while simultaneously monitor how students are filling their papers to check for cheating.
The remote access software provide direct access to client’s file manager system and install or uninstall any program.
Admins can perform various tasks on client’s PC using the remote task manager.
The software enables admins/support users to install program on computers remotely.
Lite Manager records the screen session for future examination.
Users can establish a communication network during the remote access session with the help of telnet.
The software also offers an in-built chat messenger for communication purposes.
The software allows user to manage the device and perform several activities such as rebooting, application installation etc.
This feature is specifically designed for office usage where users can connect to the work  to check and edit registry keys of the remote computer.
Companies can configure their private NOIP server for server module ID and viewer client module interconnection. 
Lite Manager is capable of capturing audio of the screen record session as well.

Get LiteManager support31 Chatting right now

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LiteManager Specifications


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LiteManager FAQs

A. Yes, Lite Manager is equipped with the unattended access feature.
A. Usergroups are something that companies can use to create focus groups for employees for easy working and workflow routing. An employee can be a part of multiple groups.
A. Lite Manager saves all the user and workflow information on the PC.
A. Yes, Lite Manager can be connected to the office network and a whole slew of applications through API integration.
A. Techjockey provides demo before purchase for Lite Manager. Please request a call to get it scheduled for yourself.

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