LegalRaasta - GST Software
LegalRaasta - GST Software
LegalRaasta - GST Software
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LegalRaasta - GST Software

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About LegalRaasta - GST Software

GST software and GST accounting software  by LegalRaasta is a turnkey software solution for GST registration, accounting and billing. The software comes with unique features, such as multi user & unlimited companies, reconciliation, excel/ERP import, and unlimited returns. The GST software is designed in a manner that users with limited IT skills can also use the software. The software automates filing of GST return with five easy steps. Other noteworthy features of this GST software for Chartered Accountants, small businesses and big enterprises are multi-currency, HSN finder, invoice generations, ledgers, tax payment, place for supply finder, seller mismatch notification, etc.

Sold By : LegalRaasta

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LegalRaasta - GST Software Features

Importing data from your previous systems was never easier. Data can be transferred easily between our systems and other third party systems such as Tally and Busy.
Not accounting knowledge required. Just add your invoices & the software automatically prepares the ledgers, P&L and Balance Sheet Expense Tracking Inventory Management Account payables Mgt. Sales & Purchase Orders Tax preparation
Accountants can manage all their clients from one screen. Connect your clients with our mobile app Manage all your client documents in one place

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LegalRaasta - GST Software Specifications

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Mar 19 2018

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LegalRaasta - GST Software FAQs

Government website displays countless fields and contains limited description. One has to keep looking for instructions to understand about each column. In comparison, LegalRaasta GST Software is extremely intuitive and easy to understand. Reconciliation: The government software doesn’t allow you to automatically reconcile supplier data with your purchases. You will have to manually reconcile each purchase invoice one by one which is literally impossible if you have 100+ invoices every month. Our GST software does automatic reconciliation almost instantly and notifies mismatches thus saving a lot of your time. Simplifying taxes for you: We have broken down the complex process of GST return into a series of tabs and windows. Our software also provides tool tips and videos making it a simplified and time saving solution for GST filing. User Friendly: It has an excel-like interface with step by step process which helps you to navigate back and forth easily unlike the tangled and confusing government system. Data Import:You can directly import from excel or your ERP solution (Tally, SAP, Busy etc). This is not possible via the government utility. Handle multiple GSTINs:Moreover, for Chartered Accountants and other Professionals, login has to be done on government portal every time for each client separately. LegalRaasta GST software creates a session for a longer period to file return of multiple clients without having to log in multiple times.
We are currently offering auto-import functionality with Tally, Busy, SAP& Dynamics. More companies will be added later as per client requests.
Reconciliation works as follows: Our GST software automatically fetches the data from the government (supplier’s data). In parallel, you can import your complete data from your choice of ERP. The system will reconcile the government data with your data and will suggest the mismatches. You can easily edit/approve the mismatches and file the return.
The GST software will allow you to create unlimited number of GSTINs and add unlimited number of companies. You will be assigned certain credit upfront with the pricing. The credit will reduce depending on the number of transactions conducted on the system. Typically, the points credited will be sufficient to file return for 50 companies. Your account can be recharged any time according to need.

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