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KOOKOO CloudAgent

by : Ozonetel Systems

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KOOKOO CloudAgent

by : Ozonetel Systems


Brand: Ozonetel Systems

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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KOOKOO CloudAgent Software Overview

What is KOOKOO CloudAgent?

KOOKOO CloudAgent call center software helps service agents to deliver the highest quality of customer experience. The software works with both inbound and outbound call centers, in addition to that the software provides robust features to manage the telephonic activities on a regular basis. Here are some important tasks that this call center software helps organizations with:

  1. Supports multiple channels
  2. Optimization of workforce boosted by 40%
  3. Reduction of total ownership costs by 50%
  4. Dashboards with powerful analytics and live monitoring for
  5. Effortless integration with notable ticketing and CRM solutions in the industry

KOOKOO CloudAgent is used across over 150 countries with a digital infrastructure that handles over 50 million users on regular basis. The key benefit of using this call center solution is that it includes zero installation and upfront costs.

What are the different types of setup offered by KOOKOO Cloud Contact Center solution?

KOOKOO CloudAgent call centre software or outbound is available in two different formats:

  1. Inbound call centre software: KOOKOO CloudAgent offers a pre-built setup for inbound call center setup for the organizations. It offers the much-needed gully featured IVR flexibility which helps in building an IVR response and fulfilling the customer needs. Plus, the software offers an automated call distribution system that allows managers to disburse emails, text messages, calls, etc. based on customer queries.
  2. Outbound call centre software: The pre-built outbound setup of KOOKOO CloudAgent offers automated dialer of different kinds such as preview dialer, progressive dialer, and predictive dialer. These features help in speeding up the call management process. Along with this, organizations can enjoy functions, such as DND Filtering, Pacing ratio setup, etc.

How does KOOKOO Dialer outbound call centre software help boost customer base?

KOOKOO CloudAgent integrates with CRM solutions along with the dialer APIs to enhance their customer outreach system. It enables the agents to initiate smart conversations based on customer details and their query history. The call center software takes care of it all without any extra capital investment.

What is the price of KOOKOO CloudAgent?

The price of KOOKOO CloudAgent depends on numerous factors such as the type of setup, integrations, etc. To get a price quotation for your operational needs, please request a call back from product experts

KOOKOO CloudAgent Features

  • CRM integration This call center management software helps organizations improve their daily operations by integrating with their CRM.
  • Call Routing The software can be configured for automatically routing the calls to specific departments or individuals based on the type of
  • Multiple Extension Organizations can create multiple extension lines for communication to handle multiple customer queries quickly.  
  • Call Recording This call center software records all conversations of the agents in the system and provides easy access to it for research,
  • Lead Management Organizations can integrate this software with their CRM for efficient handling and tracking of leads.  
  • Internal Call Transfer Agents can transfer the call among themselves as per the customer queries.  
  • Call Logs KOOKOO CloudAgent keeps a consistent track of all the calls made by every agent on a regular basis. Managers can check the calls
  • Banquet and conference Management The software also helps the users manage banquet operations and conference calls for the organizations.
  • IVR and Dial Groups The software helps organizations manage several customer queries with interactive voice response features and group dialing for
  • Customisable Welcome Greeting The IVR system offered by KOOKOO CloudAgent allows call centers to record and place a welcome greeting for various purposes.
  • API Integration The software can be easily integrated with other solutions for improved working through API.  
  • Voicemail KOOKOO CloudAgent enables organizations to place voicemail system for call management.

KOOKOO CloudAgent Plans & Pricing

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KOOKOO CloudAgent Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Q. Q.1. Where does KOOKOO CloudAgent save all the information? arrow

A. KOOKOO CloudAgent uses a dual storage system based on both cloud and on-premise deployment.

Q. Q.2. Is there a demo available for KOOKOO CloudAgent? arrow

A. Yes, interested buyers can get a demo for KOOKOO CloudAgent scheduled with just a call to our team.

Q. Q.3. What are some key CRM solutions that I can integrate with KOOKOO CloudAgent? arrow

A. KOOKOO CloudAgent can be integrated with almost every popular CRM software available in the market. Some notable examples are, Zoho CRM, Freshdesk, Zendesk, salesforce, Sugar CRM, Kapture, Microsoft Dynamics.

Q. Q.4. What are the different types of subscription that KOOKOO CloudAgent? arrow

A. This call center software offers a monthly and yearly plan for organizations which can be easily cancelled.

Q. Q.5. Can I setup priority-based routing in KOOKOO CloudAgent? arrow

A. Yes, KOOKOO CloudAgent allows users to make priority-based call routing.

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