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About Instaon

What is Instaon?

Instaon is a Google Ads manager for businesses to manage online advertisements. It is easy to use and helps you save time on daily arduous tasks. It helps in attracting more daily visitors by automating workflows and machine learning customized advertisement management. Instaon Ads Manager offers cost-effective solutions to manage advertisements smartly and helps in exponential growth.

Instaon online marketing tools provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately. Depending on the size and requirements of your organization, you can pick the best pricing plan.

What features does Instaon offer? 

Instaon provides numerous beneficial features; here are a few listed below for a better understanding of the product: 

  1. Keyword Research 
  2. Campaign Creation 
  3. Campaign Research and Optimization
  4. Campaign Performance Reports
  5. Support

Why choose Instaon over other Ad managers? 

Instaon is one of the premier Google partners for advertisement management. Furthermore, Instaon is partnered with Microsoft Advertising and Shopify e-commerce platform. Its cross-platform multi-accessibility makes it more favourable among customers.

What is the price of Instaon? 

Instaon is available in three different plans; these are: 

  1. Free – Free of cost
  2. Grow – Rs. 3900/- per month 
  3. Pro – Rs. 7900/- per month  

Access to certain features vary based on plans. Please request a call for further inquiries about the software. Our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : Instaon

Get Instaon support 37 Chatting right now

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Instaon Features

Users can create numerous advertisement campaigns with advanced NLP. Instaon can automate the formation of Google search curated campaigns by adhering to the Google algorithm. 
Instaon optimizes campaigns according to Google’s best SEO practices even before going live. It adds keywords and improves bids. 
This feature offers you detailed insights on all the Ad campaigns you are running. It gives you information about how every campaign is performing and received by the audience. 
This Google Ads Manager scans websites, quote relevant keywords, and extrapolates to other synonyms in order to generate thousands of appropriate keyword combinations. 

Get Instaon support37 Chatting right now

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Instaon Specifications


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Instaon FAQs

Your credit card details are hidden. This software utilizes Stripe or PayPal for an uncompromised and secure payment system.
You can access all your invoices on your Instaon profile. Here is a step by step guide for how to access: 1. Login to your Instaon account 2. Click on your “profile” (default ghost image icon) 3. Click on “Account” 4 Click on “Invoices” under Account settings
Instaon supports all the languages that Google supports, as the software runs advertisement campaigns using Google.
No, you don’t have to create a fresh Google Ads account if you already own one. You can just integrate your current account into Instaon.
Google Ads work on a CPC model, i.e., Cost-Per-Click advertising model. It means that you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

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