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About inFlow Inventory Software


What is inFlow?

inFlow is an innovative inventory management software for retail and B2B businesses. In addition to inventory supervision, the software assists in improving sales and purchasing operations. It offers exclusive B2B portal and E-commerce integration for continual reorder and sales outreach processes. inFlow inventory management software empowers business owners to supervise every aspect of their workflow without interfering with any employee. inFlow enables its users to make enhanced business decisions driven by operational data and insights. It also offers insights into how the current business decisions are affecting the business. inFlow is a one for all software for inventory management and more! 

Who are the targeted users of inFlow? 

inFlow is used majorly by the following businesses: 

  1. Warehouses
  2. Cold Storage facilities
  3. Wholesale Retailers
  4. Asset Management Organizations or Teams
  5. Manufacturing Industries 
  6. E-commerce websites, and many more. 

What is the price of inFlow? 

The price of inFlow inventory management software is Rs. 57,960/- per annum. Please request a call for more information about the software or customizations. Our sales team will be happy to take up your queries. 

Sold By : Archon

Get inFlow Inventory Software support 28 Chatting right now

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inFlow Inventory Software Features

inFlow creates a shareable document, containing all the details of products that are currently available in the inventory.
With a user-interactive dashboard, it helps track the detailed list of products available in their organisation.
 inFlow helps maintain a healthy workflow in a hassle-free manner, thus boosting productivity.
The software provides a complete backup of the updated list of products that are present in the inventory.
inFlow ensures complete security of the organisation by providing a unique tag number, enabling users to track product history seamlessly.
Being a flexible inventory management system, inFlow makes it easy and accessible to work offline.
inFlow manages the business stock efficiently in real-time and provides analytical data of the products in the inventory.

Get inFlow Inventory Software support28 Chatting right now

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inFlow Inventory Software Specifications

inFlow Inventory Software Reviews

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Sep 30 2017

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inFlow Inventory Software FAQs

Yes, inFlow ensures a complete check on the safety and security of data and takes complete care of their customers’ privacy. Moreover, the application uses a 256-bit SSL encryption backed by Microsoft Azure.
With inFlow on-premise plan, you can work offline with one-time set-up. Even if get into the internet zone, the offline mode still remains active
By tracking locations and sublocations, the user can efficiently manage business stock, make stock adjustments, check product availability and track transit status. This enhances the inventory management of the organisation, thus saving time.
inFlow software can be integrated with barcode scanners to scan items at the point of sale. It can also be used for managing purchase orders.
inFlow Inventory Management System helps manage products across multi-level categories along with the common units of measurement, product photos, weight or dimensions of the product, serial numbers, and product deactivation.

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