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About IDPA 8TB

What is Dell IDPA 8TB?

Dell IDPA 8TB is an integrated data protection appliance system for medium-sized organizations and branch offices of large organizations. It is an appliance that intersects backup, replication, deduplication, search, analytics, instant access, restoration, DR on Cloud. The hardware also enables long-term withholding of data on cloud. 

Dell integrated data protection system provides thorough data security that is simple to supervise, deploy, and upgrade – everything in one condensed 2U appliance. Dell IDPA is very scalable as well! The current version has 8TB storage, but it has the capability to scale up to 96TB. Dell IDPA is also equipped with industry-leading standard data deduplication rate of 55:1. The hardware system also fastens your windows backup by two times the normal.  Dell IDPA 8TB is a well-built product for managing daily operations of your organization. 

Who is the target audience for Dell IDPA 8TB?

Dell IDPA 8TB is used by data protection customers. It includes new organizations and those who are already established and want to transfer their current system to Dell IDPA. 

What are some key functions of Dell IDPA 8TB?

  1. Dell Integrated Data Protection Appliance offers completely thorough data protection for the largest application ecosphere. 
  2. Dell IDPA is easy to install and upgrade for 2U appliance. Even novices at system settling can get acquainted with Dell IDPA and start working. 
  3.  It has a very scalable system that does not require any extra attachment or hardware.
  4.   It enlarges the database to cloud with native cloud DR and long-term retention and add-on features of the data. 

What is the price of Dell IDPA 8TB?

Dell IDPA 8TB is available for Rs. 14,00,000/-. It is a single time purchase software that does not require timely payments. For any further inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest possibility.

Sold By : Dell

Get IDPA 8TB support 31 Chatting right now

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IDPA 8TB Features

Dell IDPA 8TB is easy to install, supervise, and update. It provides easy to understand manual that can scale up a novice to work with IDPA. 
The Dell IDPA system offers a robust and sturdy system to save your data on cloud as backup. In addition to that, it also boosts your system operations and data transfer.
 The hardware system is very easy on your pocket and does not require high expenses on protection. 
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Get IDPA 8TB support31 Chatting right now

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IDPA 8TB Specifications


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Dell IDPA 8TB uses SAS and SATA type of drives for storage.
Dell IDPA 8TB utilizes the Intel Xeon Processors for all its operations.
Yes, Dell IDPA 8TB allows you to create archives and save it in the IDPA system. It also allows you to create backup and disaster recovery folders.
Dell IDPA 8TB has a 3-year satisfaction guarantee with future proof loyalty program.
Dell IDPA 8TB provides immediate benefits, such as faster backups and increased scalability for a lower cost per GB.

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