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About IBM DataPower Gateway

What is IBM DataPower Gateway? 

IBM DataPower Gateway is a security and integration system designed to assist in the daily security and integration requirements of any business following digital processes through a multi-channel gateway. The solution ensures that the business is digitally secure and provides total control of its working system. In addition to that, the solution provides integration facilities and optimized access to a complete range of web, mobile, API, B2B, SOA and cloud workloads. 

Recent updates of IBM DataPower Gateway have doubled its working capacity with a next generation hardware architecture. It is equipped with a flash drive with high capacity network ports. The system increases the pace of application responsiveness and ensures a heavier workload capacity. Plus, it helps in operating extra tenants with governance and a lower TCO. 

Pros of using IBM DataPower Gateway

IBM DataPower Gateway provides an industry-grade security for different projects. It is used as a security gateway whenever some internal or external client seeks to make a call to any of the company’s APIs. The underlying security implementation done for the projects is SSL which can get more advanced based on concerns of the project. It works for all types of customer demands such as OAuth, SAML, 2-waySSL handshake. 

Another key advantage of using IBM DataPower Gateway is that it supports major industry message formats. It has an inbuilt pre-installed periphery called “Multi-Protocol Gateway.” It is a helpful tool for XML to JSON conversion or vice versa. It performs all these conversions at a wire-speed despite of the volume of the file.

  1. It helps with in-depth content inspection at a much faster speed
  2. XML firewall ensures sophisticated checks for enterprises
  3. Data requests can be classified on the basis of application-level information
  4. It simplifies topologies that results in reduced development costs
  5. Ensures quick database and mainframe connectivity along with content routing.

What features are offered by IBM DataPower Gateway? 

IBM DataPower Gateway offers following features: 

  1. A single multi-channel gateway platform 
  2. Converged policy enforcement and advanced security 
  3. Configuration-driven policy creation and flexible user experience
  4. A purpose-built DMZ-ready and extensible platform 
  5. Data power operations dashboard

What is the price of IBM DataPower Gateway?

The price of IBM DataPower Gateway varies based on the security and integrations needs of your business. Please request a call for further inquiries. 

Sold By : IBM

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IBM DataPower Gateway Features

The data security solution offers top-notch security to safeguard the network from incoming threats.
The solution ensures that administrators have the complete control over the network and their access is secured.
Organizations can integrate third-party applications through APIs.
The solution provides a next-gen architecture that is capable of handling heavier workloads.
IBM DataPower Gateway is capable of handling cloud workloads from multiple channels.
The system enables an optimized access to all the devices, API programs, etc.

Get IBM DataPower Gateway support30 Chatting right now

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IBM DataPower Gateway Specifications


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IBM DataPower Gateway FAQs

IBM DataPower Gateway is available in physical (hardware form), virtual, cloud, Linux, docker forms.
Yes, IBM DataPower Gateway complies with a broad range of govt. and industry standard regulations and is continually updated as new standards emerge.
Yes, IBM DataPower Gateway is available for a demo at Techjockey. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
No, the data security solution offers direct integration through APIs that does not require the knowledge of coding.
IBM DataPower Gateway dashboard offers advanced operation capabilities for streamlined troubleshooting. It offers a near real-time operational visibility for applications monitored by IBM DataPower Gateway.

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