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About i-Genius School Management Software

What is i-genius? 

i-genius is a school ERP software used to manage the daily operations of an educational institute. The software is designed to manage recurring tasks like attendance, student management, etc. In addition to that, it also helps in easing more tedious and complicated tasks such as course planning, timetable designing, etc. 

i-genius centralizes all the operations and integrates different departments and enables their collaborative working seamlessly. It establishes a thorough line of communication between teachers and non-academic staff. The software facilitates the collection of fees from students seamlessly. I-genius also enables schools to conduct examinations. This school ERP platform also assists with attendance management and timetable management of the staff, to generate accurate payroll on time. Furthermore, users are empowered to transform their traditional library into a digital one through i-genius and supervise all the activities.

Features of i-genius: 

Here is a quick rundown of all the features offered by i-genius: 

  1. Admission Management
  2. Fee Management
  3. Transportation Management
  4. SMS Plugin 
  5. Smart Stock 
  6.  Accounting Management
  7. Library Management system
  8. Examination Management
  9. Certificate Generator 
  10. Security Management

Effective School Management with i-genius: 

i-genius provides support for all the important activities of school operation. It helps in keeping the staff prepared for any challenges. It enables both academic and non-academic staff to plan their activities and work appropriately. The non-academic staff can plan out activities such as fee collection date and setup collection points. Teachers can plan out how they want to approach the course and conduct classes. 

This software also enables teachers to communicate with parents for better nourishment of students. Teachers can also inform regarding their ward’s activity in the school in real-time. 

The price of i-genius: 

The price of ERP varies based on customer requirements. For more information regarding the software, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you and provide you an accurate estimation. 

Sold By : Solver Software

Get i-Genius School Management Software support 37 Chatting right now

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i-Genius School Management Software Features

This school ERP software digitizes the admission process of the students. It also offers a digital inquiry system for better assessment of students. 
The software consists a fully integrated fee management system that facilitates the online collection of fee amounts.
Schools that operate transportation services can use this feature to manage all the routes that school buses take. 
The software allows users to send text messages from the system. 
This feature assists in management of school inventory like sports equipment, computers, laptops, etc. 
Financial teams of schools can manage financial books and expenses from the software. It also aids in generation of things such as accounting documents such as balance sheets, profit loss statements, income statements, etc. 
i-genius enables schools to completely digitize their library supervision workflows. It keeps a master sheet of all the books in the library. 
This school ERP software allows teachers to conduct examination and utilize CGE grading module for evaluation. 
The software allows school authorities to design certificates. 
Security feature ensures the student safety in the school premises. 
The school ERP software enables a thorough and customizable student assessment system.  
Schools can conduct attendance of all the students through biometric or RFID. It records the attendance in the timesheet. 
This software allows teachers to manage class and increase student engagement for better output. 
i-genius offers basic HRMS features to manage the workflows of the staff. It includes staff attendance, appraisals, feedback, etc. 
Schools can integrate this software with their ongoing APIs and attendance recording devices such as biometric for smooth operation.
The software enables school staff to design their approach to teach the course and schedule classes. 
i-genius empowers schools to create a student profile and track their progress on multiple attributes from the software. 

Get i-Genius School Management Software support37 Chatting right now

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i-Genius School Management Software Specifications

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i-Genius School Management Software FAQs

i-genius is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
There are no mandatory system for i-genius. It is a web-based software that can be accessed through the web browser
Techjockey provides demo for i-genius. To access the demo, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you in real-time.
i-genius is a subscription-based software that covers the costs of updates. Hence, there are no extra charges levied for access to updates.
No, i-genius does not charge anything for parental access to the software.

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