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About HyperDrive HD School


HDSchool is a comprehensive online school software solution that automates day-to-day activities of Educational Institutions. The solution helps educational institutes manage operations like admissions, fees, course, student attendance etc. easily. It also allows parents to stay connected with the school and know their progress instantly.

Product Features

  • Institute Management- The solution helps manage single, multiple schools on cloud as well as manages academic, administrative and financial activities which is completely secure with access rights.
  • Course Management - Enables defining school year, courses and assigns subjects to different courses.
  • Student Management - Helps in adding student's details quickly with excel upload. Allows to add student pictures, print their ID cards and add student's qualifications/parent details, etc.
  • Fee Management - Allows a user to define fee structure and accept fee in instalments and by multiple payment options like cash, credit card, NEFT and cheque.
  • Fee Receipt - Helps design fee receipt according to the requirements and the user can email Fee receipts to parents, save paper and go green.
  • Email/SMS - Send Emails/SMSes to parents at the time of student registration, pending fees and sends SMS after receiving the fees. With this, a user can communicate with Parent school staff via SMS/Email.
  • Analytical Reports - Generates reports on daily fee collection, pending fees, course wise fee collection, class wise student details.
  • Financial Accounting - Helps in maintaining accounts books, auto generated accounts to maintain Fees, maintain petty cash, class wise student details and generates P/L and balance sheet reports.
  • Manage Purchase & Supplier - Generates purchase orders, manages supplier details, issues receiving for items received form supplier and financial accounting

Sold By : HyperDrive

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HyperDrive HD School Features

Fee Management is one of the core components in managing Educational institutes, Coaching/Training centers. HDSchool allows great many numbers of features when it comes to fee management. In HDSchool you can define the type of school fees (example: Tuition, Stationery, Uniform) to be collected from a specific year/semester. This module allows you define fee groups according to your school rules and apply the different fees defined to the students as required. For example, you can create ‘fee group’ as Nursery, Primary etc with fee types as ‘Tuition Fee’, ‘Stationery fee’, ‘Uniform Fee’, ‘Transportation Fee’ etc.
Manage your Schools/Colleges/Institutions using HDSchool. In HDSchool you can manage multiple schools/colleges in a single software. This feature allows you to quickly enter your school/college details such as Name, Contact Details, Address Details etc all these information will be useful while printing fee receipt, placing a purchase order with a supplier. You can also configure the default SMS and report print formats for documents such as Receive Fee, Supplier Payments etc for each school/college.
HDSchool – student management module allows you to capture all details of student such as name, academic details, contact information of the students and parents or guardians. In addition to personnel data, you can also store information about student’s previous qualification/achievements, scholarship details, and other interests. HDSchool -student management allows you to attach external documents such as study certificate, Transfer certificates etc. Each student will be assigned with a unique roll number and registration number at the time of student creation or you can assign your own roll number and registration number. In addition you can also create your additional fields to store any additional details of student like last school attended, reason for leaving, etc. When you view a student details in HDSchool you will find all information related to the student such as student’s personnel and academic details, fee structure applied, pending fee details, exam results. HDSchool also allows you to adjust student’s pending fee details and fee due dates of each fee type as per your negotiations with student/parents.
HDSchool – Payroll module allows you to manage all the tasks related to payroll very easily. You create different salary structure for your teaching staff and non teaching staff. While defining the salary structure you can set the rules for calculating the salary parts (allowances) and deductions (Provident Fund, Professional Tax) applicability differently for each structure as per our school administration. You can also manage the leave (Sick leave, Casual Leave) of the staff and also can keep a track of the staff’s leave .You can define various rules for leave applicability such as, This feature allows you to: Leave available year. Leave start month. Is carry forwarded, is paid for next year etc.
This feature allows you to issue items/stationery such as uniform, books, etc to your students or faculty. You can choose the department of your choice to issue the stationery and system automatically updates the stock in the selected department. HDSchool generates unique issue stationery document this facilitates you to exactly track the issued items to students or faculty. At any given you can search from list of issued stationery for a specific issued stationery document to check the information such as issued item quantity, student/faculty name etc. This feature allows you to: Record details of your stationary movement. Issue stationary from one department to a student. Issue stationary to employees. Add, View or delete Stationary issue records. Manage return of stationary issued. Automatic update of stock when issuing or returning stationary.
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Get HyperDrive HD School  support19 Chatting right now

Buy HyperDrive HD School 942 People added this product in their cart

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