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HostBooks GST
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HostBooks GST

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About HostBooks GST

What is HostBooks GST?

HostBooks GST software is one of the leading solutions available in the market that offers GST compliance for business in Indian market. This GST software enable seamless billing, invoicing, and filing tax returns.

 HostBooks provides a powerful platform that handles all the major tax-related activities and expedites the workflows. The USP of HostBooks GST is its auto-update feature. The software provides statutory guidelines with GST regulations for seamless workflow. It allows business owners focus on fundamental activities by managing GST tax calculations. 

Which GST forms does HostBooks GST support?

Here is a list of GST forms that HostBooks GST supports:

  1. GSTR 1
  2. GSTR 1A
  3. GSTR 2
  4. GSTR 2A
  5. GSTR 3B 
  6. GSTR 4
  7. GSTR 9, among many others.

Who are the targeted users of HostBooks GST?

HostBooks provides business-specific tax solutions for following industries:

  1. Construction Firms
  2. Consulting Firms 
  3. E-Commerce Companies 
  4. Hospitality Companies 
  5. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) 
  6. Retail Stores

What is the price of HostBooks GST?

HostBooks GST is available at Rs. 3999/- per annum for five users.

For more inquiries about the software, please request a call. Our sales team will get back to you shortly.

Sold By : HostBooks

Get HostBooks GST support 30 Chatting right now

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HostBooks GST Features

The software allows business owners and tax professionals to file tax returns from the system.
This GST software generates bills and invoices in tandem with current GST regulations. 
HostBooks GST software provides Bank level data security. It prioritizes confidentiality and work accordingly.
The cloud-based solutions allow users to recover their deleted data at any time.
The software facilitates teamwork, Business Owners/Managers can add multiple employees and work in real-time.
Users can manage multiple companies with the single license of HostBooks GST software.
The cloud computing service enables data migration from one system to another.
HostBooks has access to GSTIN portal that automatically validates any GST identification number that is put in the system. It helps business owners to verify their business partners.
HostBooks GST utilizes cloud-oriented storage solutions for data management, sharing and saving workflows.
The software allows user to file for taxes from the software. It takes away the hassle of going to GST portal to file the taxes.
Business owners can register their company on the GST portal with the help of HostBooks.
This GST software integrate with current APIs of the company for seamless data transfer in real-time.
The software is compatible with on multiple operating systems with easy accessibility and operations.

Get HostBooks GST support30 Chatting right now

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HostBooks GST Specifications


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HostBooks GST FAQs

A. Yes, HostBooks GST offers a demo for the interested buyers to make an informed decision. To get the demo, please request a call and our sales team will contact you with the demo.
A. Whenever, government rolls out new GST regulations the software updates itself accordingly within 24-hours.
A. HostBooks GST provides a mobile app for both Android and iPhone platforms.
A. HostBooks GST is a web-based software that can be accessed through the web browser. Hence, there are no mandatory hardware and software requirements for operation.

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