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About HostBooks Accounts

What is HostBooks Accounting Software? 

HostBooks Accounting Software is one of the leading bookkeeping software catering needs for Indian markets. The software offers innovative cloud-based solutions to improve the output of the finance teams. The software is designed to automate regular finance management tasks like recording expenses, tax calculation, etc. This accounting software is easy to use and helps beginners to get acquainted with it in a short time. HostBooks perform numerous non-accounting related activities, as well. E.g., inventory evaluation, document management, and much more. 

Who can use HostBooks Accounting Software?

HostBooks Accounting Software is used by different sectors for their day-to-day accounting workflows, here are a few listed: 

  1. Manufacturing Industries
  2. Distribution Centers or Warehousing 
  3. Service Sector
  4. Education Institutes
  5. FMCG Companies
  6. NGOs, etc. 

What features does HostBooks Accounting Software?

HostBooks Accounting Software offers numerous beneficial features to organize that uses it, here are a few listed below for better acquaintance with the software:

  1. Asset Management Module 
  2. Invoice to Cas Processing 
  3. Involuntary Management 
  4. Discount Management
  5. Document Management 
  6. Statutory Compliances 
  7. AI-Based Bank Reconciliation

What is the price of HostBooks Accounting Software? 

The price of HostBooks Accounting Software is Rs. 7999/- per year for five users. For more inquiries about the software, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest possibility.

Sold By : HostBooks

Get HostBooks Accounts support 29 Chatting right now

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HostBooks Accounts Features

The software utilizes high-quality cloud-based data security measures to protect the data from theft.  HostBooks Accounting Software prioritizes confidentiality. 
HostBooks Accounting Software complies with all the necessary guidelines for accounting. 
This accounting software allows users to create self-service portals and assign them rights based on their designation.
Organizations can save all their important documents in the system for quick accessibility for different things like auditing. It keeps a record of all the paperwork.
This accounting software enables automated generation of term discounts. 
 It facilitates the management of fixed assets and monitors its depreciation carefully. 
HostBooks Accounting Software provides live status of every item from procurement, disposition, the pace of movement, etc. 
The software offers automated solutions for an in-depth analysis of the financial activities of the organization. It automatically creates balance sheets, cash flow statements, etc. 
This accounting software provides quick access to payments, service tickets, etc. It manages the account with HostBooks accounting and makes work simple.   

Get HostBooks Accounts support29 Chatting right now

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HostBooks Accounts Specifications


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HostBooks Accounts FAQs

HostBooks Accounting Software allows you to add multiple GSTIN in the accounting software through the “Add GSTIN” option in the “Organization Settings” section on the menu.
Yes, HostBooks Accounting Software fetches data from a bank’s portal.
HostBooks has an automated asset accounting manager that calculates depreciation seamlessly.
Yes, there are numerous templates available for financial reports for the Balance Sheet and P/L account. It also allows you to consolidate the accounts according to your business needs.
HostBooks accounting software has different modules to help businesses manage their expenses effortlessly.

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