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About Hi Doctor

What is HiDOCTOR?

HiDOCTOR is a phenomenal field force automation software and that offers extremely business-specific solutions to cater to pharma, devices, and FMCG market needs.  This pharmacy software is a customer relationship management suite that provides an integration of varying features such as sales integration, customer relationship management, presentation tools, and analytics-oriented closed loop marketing — all of that in a single platform.

HiDOCTOR boasts service experience of over ten years, where it went through several changes to improvise and facilitate sales. The software factors in all the nuances of your business processes of the sectors and helps you to grow more. 

Features of HiDOCTOR

HiDOCTOR is an excellent software; here are a few features listed for better acquaintance: 

  1. Salesforce Automation: This feature is the backbone of the HiDOCTOR suite. It offers you access to some really top of the line functions that lets your sales team manage customers, plan daily tasks, and produce daily work reports in a very systemized format. It helps your field sales team plan their locations based on tour and beat planning. 
  2. Marketing: This feature helps you create your brand’s effectiveness in the market. It gives your marketing teams to systemize the content and provide it to the sales team for sending the details to the customers online. 
  3. Campaigns: HiDOCTOR helps you design the sales campaign to get a boost in your sales figures. This includes offline messaging to the customer. This feature helps mostly the pharmaceutical and FMCG companies when they launch new products. It can be used to disseminate information regarding products, dosage limits, clinical trial information, et cetera. 

Price of HiDOCTOR

HiDOCTOR is available at a varying price that is based on user-oriented customizations. Please request a call for price-related inquiries, and our sales team will contact you at the earliest.

Sold By : SwaaS Systems Limited

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Hi Doctor Features

Check for your inventory and see how you are making your sales. Keep restocking with regards to the pace of your selling. 
Your field force automation team can now access the data while on the move, with HiDOCTOR mobile app. It helps file daily reports quickly and efficiently
Produce management information system reports with HiDOCTOR and work seamlessly. Get better insights into your sales and make better data-driven decisions. 
HiDOCTOR consists of contact and offline messaging modules that help you set up an appointment with your prospective clients.
Enable your ground team to focus on particular tasks and report their daily activity with HiDOCTOR. 
Report your daily progress and task completion through the reporting modules of HiDOCTOR. 
This is an essential feature for sales automation forces. It also helps you to geofence your preference of area and divides visits among the teams.
 Produce campaigns to promote new products with the campaign management module
Along with online reporting, HiDOCTOR promotes regular reporting via calling as well. It improves the chain of command and communication of the information in the organization. 

Get Hi Doctor support37 Chatting right now

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Customer Feedback


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Ramji kapoor

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Dec 10 2019

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Hi Doctor FAQs

HiDOCTOR is a completely cloud-based software. It saves all your data on cloud for you to make it easily shareable with your field force automation teams.
HiDOCTOR does not sell data to third party customers without your permission.
HiDOCTOR is a web-based tool that can be accessed with a web browser. So, there are no mandatory system requirements to run HiDOCTOR.
Yes, HiDOCTOR is available for smartphones. You can find the mobile app in the app store with ease.
HiDOCTOR is available for demo. Interested buyers can request a call, and our sales team will get in touch with you.

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