Hexa Jewelry Management System

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About Hexa Jewelry Management System

What is Hexa Jewelry Management System? 

Hexa Jewelry Management System is an RFID enabled jewelry management system. The software helps in providing high level of security for traders dealing in precious stones. Jewelers are required to create hundreds and thousands of wax molds to design jewelry. This jewelry management software helps by generating unique RFID tags which can be injected into wax molds. It serves the tracking and traceability purposes. These new RFID tag injected wax molds also assist in providing important information regarding the temperature and pressure of the mold to enhance the performance and productivity of jewelry manufacturers. 

Hexa Jewelry Management System also helps keep track of the complete product manufacturing and design details through handheld or fixed readers instantly. This helps in establishing an innovative method to streamline the process of manufacturing for jewellers. This RFID process by Hexa jewellery management system has received massive industry acclaim over the years.

How does the RFID system work in Hexa Jewelry Management Software?

Hexa Jewelry Management System is developed with a clear understanding that jewelers need to maintain a daily inventory cycle-count. The usual manual/barcode process is time taking. So, RFID is deployed for faster inventory enlisting and scanning. It simultaneously helps in comparing the inventory data with other applications such as ERP, inventory, billing, etc. for actual stock consumption. This provides the jewelers a clear view of their business on a day to day basis. Plus, Hexa Jewelry Management Software System offers a handheld reader for quicker stocking and reporting of the inventory status. 

What are the features offered by Hexa Jewelry Management System?

Here are some key features offered by Hexa Jewelry Management System: 

  1. RFID tagging for jewelries and wax molds
  2. Wax tree tacking
  3. Inventory management
  4. Scan scheduling
  5. Jewelry loss prevention

What is the price of Hexa Jewelry Management System? 

The price of Hexa Jewelry Management System varies on the requirements of the jewelers and the type of RFID setup they require.

Sold By : HexaHash Technologies

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Hexa Jewelry Management System Features

The software uses RFID tagging of jewellery pieces and the mold to enroll them in the inventory and track their sales status. The RFID tagging also helps in preventing jewelry theft or misplacement.
This jewelry management software help jewelers to manage their inventory with the daily cycle count.
Jewelers can use this software to monitor their wax designs and use it for the manufacturing process.
The software also helps with the real-time tracking of jewelry items.

Get Hexa Jewelry Management System support32 Chatting right now

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Hexa Jewelry Management System Specifications


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Hexa Jewelry Management System FAQs

Yes, Hexa Jewelry Management System provides a hardware system for RFID based tracking of assets.
Hexa Jewelry Management System saves all the information in the jewelers’ PC.
Yes, Hexa Jewelry Management System offers a total RFID solution for wax mold tracking and various other tasks for jewelry industry.
Techjockey provides a demo for Hexa Jewelry Management System. To get your demo, please request a call.
Hexa Jewelry Management System app is available for Android.

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