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About Hdschool

What is HDSchool? 

HDSchool is a school management software that supervises all your school functions. Work effortlessly with a single platform that helps your staff micro-manage activities with bare minimum efforts. HDSchool can be deployed for the maintenance of schools, institutes, training centers, and other types of educational organizations. 

HDSchool manages most tedious activities like fee structuring, fee collection, students’ records, library, attendance, timesheet, and time table, and many others. It helps you to boost your services as it takes away all the repetitive and tedious work from the staff. It is a great software to deploy for school management. 

Features of HDSchool 

HDSchool is one of the best software for school management; here are a few features mentioned for better acquaintance: 

  1. Fee Management: Formulate and create a break down of the fees for the students. Create exceptions and special provisions (for example, fee concession for students with disability and economically weak). Set penalties for late payers and create collection points along with online payment gateways for accessible collection. 
  2. Homework: Create homework assignments for your student to allocate them from the system and micro-manage the student’s status of homework from the system. It also allows you to send assignment alerts to your parents via SMS or email. 
  3. Time Table: Produce Time Table for every class and section and generate time tables for the teacher as well. It helps you to operate your school functions smoothly. Manage Lunch breaks and other breaks as per your school rules. 
  4. Attendance: Manage your students’ attendance based on daily school presence and class-wise presence. It helps you to record the entire attendance in a timesheet where you can get a generalized view of all the students in one go. 

Price of HDSchool 

  1. HDSchool is available three different plans in the market; they are: 
  2. HDSchool Single Client – Rs. 1300/- per month
  3. HDSchool Two Client – Rs. 2500/- per month
  4. HDSchool Cloud Service with dual access points – Rs. 3500/- per month

For further price and plans related to discussion, please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you. 

Sold By : HyperDrive

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Hdschool Features

Record the entire school’s attendance easily with singe software. Take attendance on both daily school presence and class wise attendance to boost class engagement. 
Integrate emails for secure organizational communication and sending alerts and reminders to the parents. 
Check your expenditures and transactions from the entire school and supervise your bookkeeping activities from the software. 
Manage all the books in your library with HDSchool management software. It records and tracks which books are lent to who, and when are they returned. It also generates alerts for students who are skipping on the submission of their books. It also provides an inventory styled module to check for which books are available in the school. 
Supervise the activities of both academic and non-academic staff from the software and check for their performance. 
It is a communication portal where teachers can discuss their ward’s situation and progress with them. 
Supervise bookkeeping of the entire organization and use that information in the future for tax purposes. 
Create report cards from the system by directly inputting the students’ scores. 
Manage all your office work, such as leaves and payroll with the help of HDSchool. 
HDSchool offers mobile support which gives you access to all the features on your smartphones. 
Create time tables for the entire school on the basis of teacher availability and smooth functioning of all the classes at the same time.
Collect fees of the entire class easily with the help of the software. You can also provide online payment gateways for ease of collection. 
Check for all the inventory items at your repository, such as sports equipment, computers, laptops, etc. 
Design the course for every class and conduct your academic year in tandem to that. 
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Buy Hdschool1086 People added this product in their cart

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Hdschool FAQs

Yes, HDSchool provides a trial for interested buyers. You can avail it by requesting a call. Or sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest.
HDSchool offers you to integrate as many payment gateways you want to, it works cohesively for your demands and gives you a solid experience.
HDSchool works exclusively for Windows: 1. Operating System: Windows 7 or above 2. Monitor: 1024 x 768 or higher 3. RAM: 2GB 4. Hard Disk Size: 80GB or more
HDSchool is not available for any mobile platform as of now.
HDSchool accepts monthly and yearly payments for subscription plans. However, it does provide a onetime payment for an on-premise plan as well. Please request a call for more details.

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