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About Greenbox

What is Greenbox?

Greenbox is a collaboration software using which organizations can save, modify, and share business-relevant content in an efficient way. The software offers secured central repositories on the cloud which ensures proper safety and protection. Admins and managers can share particular documents with their teams, set expiration dates on the shared links, and apply certain granular controls to ensure explicit security of the shared data. They can also add custom metadata to store all the documents in an organized manner and streamline their searching pattern in real-time. Further, a powerful search tool facilitates easy findings and an intuitive audit trail module, offered by the software enables hassle-free version monitoring of individual documents.   

How does Greenbox help maintain the security of business-relevant documents?

Greenbox offers secured cloud storage facilitating top-grade protection. Admins can set scheduled reminders for documents that need special attention. The software sends instant alerts when a particular document gets modified. Moreover, they can also share entire documents or parts with the in-house team by scheduling granular access rights over the particular indenture. All the data stored over the cloud are encrypted with 256-bit AES and transferred via secured SSL connections. 

Pricing of Greenbox

The pricing of Greenbox is available on request. You can request a callback and our in-house team will get back to you on the date and time mentioned in the callback request.   

Benefits of Greenbox

  1. Powerful search: Managers can conduct detailed searches through OCR, open text, and metadata to find out their business-relevant documents in an instant. 
  2. Versioning: You can monitor the version wise history of individual documents and restore the previous versions in case of an unwanted edit. They can keep track of all the actions performed within a particular document using the audit trail feature offered by the software. 
  3. Enhanced Regulatory Compliance: By storing documents with Greenbox, companies can get rest assured about the maintenance of document-related regulatory compliance. You can automate the record retention schedules and classify the particulars in a more organized manner. 

Sold By : Discuss Business Solution

Get Greenbox support 23 Chatting right now

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Greenbox Features

The software offers a cloud-based central repository in which you can save all documents in a safe and secure manner.
Greenbox offers a wide variety of metadata templates. Users can also search and organize their documents by adding customized metadata of their own.
The software sends instant reminders when a particular document gets shared or modified. Admins can also set personalized reminders for documents that need special attention. 
You can share documents or specific subsections with teams. You can also sustain granular control over the shared particulars and define expiry dates of the shared link.
Admins or managers can assign strict usage rights regarding file-sharing options to keep away active threats and ransomware.   
The software offers on-time notification when a particular file is being modified. You can also set fixed expiry dates for a particular document and receive active reminders in real-time. 
All documents are stored on the cloud with 256-bit AES level encryption and are transferred through secured SSL connections.

Get Greenbox support23 Chatting right now

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Greenbox FAQs

A. Yes, you can keep track of individual versions of a particular document and restore them as per your business needs.
A. The software uses 256-bit AES encryption to ensure complete security to its user’s data.
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Greenbox. Our product experts will get back to you in real-time.
A. Yes, the software offers instant notifications when a particular document gets modified. It also sends categorized notifications for documents that need special attention.
A. No, the software does not have a dedicated mobile app as of now.

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